Deadpool 2 Filmed a Super Secret Cameo - Who Is It?

A top secret cameo was recently filmed for Deadpool 2, but who could it be? Fox stumbled into a mega hit after years of Ryan Reynolds pushing for the Merc with a Mouth to get his own solo movie, and now that he's got a sequel on the way, the crew is looking to up the ante.

20th Century Fox's X-Men franchise has never been that interested in maintaining any firm continuity, instead letting the films do whatever best serves the story they're telling. Since Deadpool was viewed as a bit more of a risk than the main X-Men saga, it was kept even more independent than usual - just in case it failed. The first film made references to the larger universe, and even featured the X-Mansion, but (as Deadpool pointed out) Fox wasn't willing to splash out cash on the more popular X-Men. That left the first movie filling out the mini-ensemble with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and a new version of Colussus.

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In Deadpool 2, however, things are going to get bigger. Josh Brolin is being brought in as Cable, and Zazie Beetz will make her first of three appearances as Domino. With the hints of an early version of X-Force also included, the sequel is definitely going to be used as a bigger part of the puzzle - so much so, in fact, that THR reports another character has been added to the cast in secret. Since no word has yet surfaced on who it could be, lets take a look at the options.

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Setting Up X-Force

Fox's future with X-Men is up in the air thanks to the looming Disney deal, but one thing we do know is that X-Force is still definitely happening. The sequel/spinoff will film later this year and see Reynolds and Brolin return as their respective mutant characters. Beetz is also expected to appear again as Domino. If the briefly-seen ensemble that included Terry Crews is part of the set-up for Deadpool's actual future team, then this cameo could also be a way of introducing an X-Force character.

The cameo is clearly just that, as it only took 2 hours to film, but since Deadpool 2 will end with three X-Force members assembled, why not make it four? This would not only be a smart way for Fox to gear up for their next R-rated movie in Deadpool's corner of the universe, but would also be a big secret to try and keep under wraps. Pulling off further set-up for X-Force would require them to cast an actor and have that person report to set in secret. Its certainly not impossible, but now that the secret is out there, it'll be tough for them to keep it that way.

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One way they could get around all the casting though could be to bring in someone who's been cast for years: Channing Tatum. He's been signed on to play Gambit for years now, and since Gambit lost another director recently and was delayed again, there's no telling when we'll see his solo movie. But if Fox is still keen to get Tatum involved, what better way to do so then to make him part of the X-Force roster and have him cameo in Deadpool 2 first? It'd be a great way to generate some interest in Tatum's take, set up an appearance in a movie likely coming in 2019, and hopefully give more momentum to getting Gambit off the ground.

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