Deadpool Creator Praises Ryan Reynolds & Zazie Beetz's Chemistry

The casting process is a difficult task for filmmakers and a great opportunity for debate for fans, especially when it involves beloved source material like comic books. Not only does the actor who lands a coveted role have to embody the essence of a character, they have to fit in to the overall scheme of a picture and have chemistry with their co-stars, which is not an easy thing to accomplish.

Needless to say there's a lot of pressure involved, and director David Leitch is no doubt feeling it as he helps assemble the cast of Deadpool 2. And while the coveted role of Cable is yet to be cast – Brad Pitt was reportedly considered at one point and Michael Shannon is said to be considering – at least Leitch, who co-directed John Wick, can breathe easy knowing the casting of the pivotal character of Domino has won the stamp of approval from Deadpool's creator.

In an interview with Comic Book about his new graphic novel Deadpool: Bad Blood, Rob Liefeld weighed in on the casting of Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz as Domino. He's not only thrilled about the pick for the role, but more so over the palpable zing he knows Ryan Reynolds and Beetz will create together on-screen.

"Domino is all about, as an actress and as the character that is going to be on the screen you already allude to it, it's all about the sass. You gotta understand, your gonna go up against Wade Wilson, who is, in this movie is Ryan Reynolds and trust ... I'm telling you, having been around Ryan multiple times that mouth cannot be stopped. He ... it's point ... I don't think he can say the jokes as fast as they are backed up in his head. So, you need ... some of these people be like "oh hey, this girl should have been Domino, and pick out actress a through z" and I'd be like "I'm not sure that they can keep up with him" and oh my gosh, I'm not sure that Ryan's gonna keep up with her. I think Ryan Reynolds is gonna have to work hard to keep up with Zazie. I mean, wow. You just go "That chemistry is going to be spectacular". And that's what it comes down to is the chemistry with these characters."

Domino in Deadpool 2

Liefeld, who created the pivotal X-Force character in the early 1990s, has had input into the casting of Deadpool before. He tells Comic Book that the director of the first Deadpool movie, Tim Miller, was in a quandary about the casting of Vanessa, and reached out to him in desperation for some advice six weeks before shooting:

"He's like "Rob, I'm struggling. Help me out here" and he sent them to me and I said "Yeah" look, he gave me like photos and I did not get ... he did not send me screen tests. He just sent me the three actresses, their photos and said "Dude, it's down to these three. Who, if you had to choose, I'm just soliciting opinions." And I remember going, only one of these in my mind can verbally keep up with Ryan. I expressed my choice to him, and it turned to that Morena Baccarin was the perfect choice to be Vanessa and look at how they spar together on screen. I mean, Ryan's gotta have a strong lead opposite him so Zazie is going to be great."

Even though Deadpool 2 isn't set to come out until next year, the excitement over the film is already at a fever pitch. As the Deadpool faithful wait for the big casting announcement for Cable, some amazing fan art of Beetz in the guise of Domino and Shannon as Cable has already emerged from the likes of graphic artist Boss Logic. Seemingly official concept art of Pitt as Cable was also leaked, which made fans salivate even though the actor is no longer being considered for the role.

Expect the internet to break as the official casting is announced for Cable, which should happen soon. As if fans aren't excited enough already, it's only going to get better as images from the set and teaser footage from the film is released. Only time will tell whether Deadpool 2 tops the original film, but there's no question that Reynolds and his new co-stars are going to have a heck of a time making it.

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Source: Comic Book

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