Ryan Reynolds Trolls Spider-Man’s Tom Holland With Deadpool 2 Photo

Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Deadpool 2 star Ryan Reynolds is having a bit of fun online by trolling Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland in a tweet. Reynolds has been very busy the past week on social media as filming on the Merc with a Mouth's sequel hits high gear, revealing the first images of his new co-stars Zazie Beetz and Josh Brolin in their Domino and Cable costumes, respectively. The reveals were done in Reynolds' trademark comedic fashion, because if there ever was a character that feels like a natural extension of the actor who's playing him, it's Reynolds and Deadpool.

But anyone who follows Reynolds' online feeds knows that the actor loves to have fun on the social media platform even when he isn't making big casting announcements and costume reveals, so it should come as no surprise that he's having fun with a Marvel movie cousin in connection with the filming of Deadpool 2.

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In a tweet posted by Reynolds Tuesday, his target was Holland, the new kid on the Marvel movie block who made indelible impressions with his Spider-Man solo movie debut last month. And while Deadpool doesn't exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and get the opportunity to rib Holland as often as Falcon actor Anthony Mackie does, he took the opportunity to place the blame on the youthful actor for the inevitable production headaches that regular Joes and Janes on the street experience when a movie production takes over their municipality.

Thank you #VPD. And the great people of Vancouver for putting up with road closures and traffic delays as we film Spider-Man downtown.

— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) August 8, 2017

In the new post, Reynolds is trolling Holland from Deadpool 2's Vancouver, British Columbia, location with a picture of members of the Vancouver Police Department, saying, "Thank you #VPD. And the great people of Vancouver for putting up with road closures and traffic delays as we film Spider-Man downtown." Reynolds also tagged Holland's verified Twitter account in the photo in addition to the account of Vancouver Police.

The tweet is classic Reynolds, and while the chances are slim to none that Holland will take any heat for the traffic headaches in Vancouver while Deadpool 2 films there, the mere suggestion of it definitely inspires a chuckle. Posts like this are why fans love Reynolds so much, just because the actor seems to mine any potential bits of comedy in every situation he encounters.

Even better, Reynolds is taking the opportunity to thank the unsung heroes on productions like Deadpool 2 like local police departments who keep the cast and crew safe, and ultimately help the production run smoothly. It's a cool gesture on his part, since as a producer on Deadpool, Reynolds very well knows that films require far more bodies to make a movie apart from the cast and the helmer behind the camera. Not only is Reynolds having fun making Deadpool 2, he's also doing it in a very classy way.

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