Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Thanks Fans For Deadpool 2's Success

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Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to make his official thank you to fans for the success of Deadpool 2 hilarious and over-the-top. He reached out to fans on social media with his official thanks.

Deadpool 2 is yet another game-changing foray into the superhero genre after its first movie, and its main star Ryan Reynolds owes all of its success to the franchise's loyal fans. Following the original Deadpool in 2016, Reynolds returns as the Merc with a Mouth, donning the titular character's red and black suit, scarred skin, and irreverently humorous personality. His misadventures lead him into the company of some other likeminded mutants, this time fending off Cable (played by Josh Brolin) who is on the hunt for a mysterious young boy (played by Hunt for the Wilderpeople's Julian Dennison). Naturally, chaos, gunfire, and crude sarcasm ensues. Now, to thank fans for the sequel's success, Reynolds personally reached out to them in costume, very much aligned with the character's comedic tone.

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On Reynolds' personal Instagram, the actor took a decidedly unique approach to saying "thank you," getting incredibly specific with the individual fans to whom he's referring. The thank you was released in the form of a GIF showcasing Deadpool blowing a kiss with a block of text overhead. The text begins with a traditional "Thank you to the fans,but quickly derails comedically, as Deadpool is wont to do. After also thanking the cast and crew, he extends his gratitude to the pets of his cast and crew, the racing horse Seabiscuit, Harry Potter's Ron Weasley, radioactive spiders, and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle from The Tale of Peter Rabbit author Beatrix Potter. He then wraps it up by specifically not thanking himself.


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Even though the movie has already been released, this thank you lines up seamlessly with the marketing leading up Deadpool 2's release. Between a music video with Céline Dion, ads poking fun at competing superhero franchises, and even teaser trailers reimagining Deadpool as the artist Bob Ross, the build-up for Deadpool 2 has more or less felt like a running joke. So, with that being the case, the comedic thank you is appropriate.

Considering the fact that Reynolds' first attempt at bringing Deadpool to the big screen was a considerable failure in Gavin Hood's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the character's comeback in both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 speaks to his dedication to perfecting the adaptation. Acknowledging the sour taste that X-Men Origins left with fans, Reynolds personally oversaw the challenge of taking the character in a direction that better respected the source material. In fact, Reynolds had wanted to give the character a live-action movie even before X-Men Origins had been greenlit.

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