Ryan Reynolds Actually Spoiled Deadpool 2 In Official Marketing

WARNING: Spoilers for Deadpool 2 ahead.

Deadpool 2 star and producer Ryan Reynolds got away with revealing a major spoiler in official marketing - and no one even realized it! With the rise of the internet, along with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, movie and TV fans have had to go to extreme lengths to avoid being spoiled. For Marvel Studios' part, the directors of Avengers: Infinity War released a plea online prior to the debut of the film asking that fans not spoil others. It's arguable whether the #ThanosDemandsYourSilence campaign was a success, but it's undoubtedly indicative of the nature of online discussion surrounding Hollywood's biggest releases.

The latest summer blockbuster, Deadpool 2, released this weekend, and surprisingly the sequel managed to keep plenty of twists and surprises under wraps. Part of it might be because Deadpool 2 filmed fake scenes for the trailers, but it may also be the result of Reynolds' own plea for fans to keep spoilers to themselves. In true Deadpool fashion, the star, producer and co-writer posted a letter to Twitter asking fans not to reveal spoilers, though it was mainly a Deadpool-like joke mocking Infinity War. The Avengers directors even responded with a joke of their own. It was all very much in line with Deadpool 2's marketing, which has continually mocked Marvel Studios. However, Reynolds actually spoiled the movie in his own anti-spoilers letter.

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At the end of the letter Reynolds posted on Twitter, it reads, "Cause it'd be super lame to spoil the fact that Deadpool dies in this one. Kidding. Not Kidding. Kidding?" Prior to seeing Deadpool 2, this closing may simply read like a joke, especially since fans were so concerned about what deaths would occur in Avengers: Infinity War. After seeing Deadpool 2 though, we can confirm Reynolds did in fact spoil the movie - in an official piece of marketing no less. Because, of course, Deadpool does die at the end of the sequel, and it's only thanks to Cable's time travel device that Deadpool 2 ends in a timeline in which Wade Wilson survives.

Much has been made about spoilers for big-budget superhero movies, especially since Avengers: Infinity War was Marvel's most secretive project yet - and that's saying something considering the studio's reputation for keeping its plans under wraps. Still, Marvel Studios doesn't have a perfect track record, especially when certain stars are involved. Spider-Man star Tom Holland is notoriously bad at keeping spoilers, plus Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo spoiled Infinity War nearly a year before the film opened, though no one knew at the time that it was a spoiler.

Considering how much care Fox has put into the Deadpool 2 marketing campaign, it's nearly impossible that the spoiler in Reynolds' message was an accident. More likely, the marketing team included it and made it appear to be a joke so fans wouldn't know it to be a spoiler until after they'd seen the movie. Truly, it's a clever piece of marketing. And the fact that Reynolds posted the message on his personal Twitter, rather than the movie's official account, seems like another dig at the likes of Holland and Ruffalo - though we may be reading a bit too into it.

Certainly, the back and forth between Reynolds and Marvel Studios has been good-natured, with everyone aware of Deadpool's tendency to poke fun at everything. Reynolds even tweeted congratulations to Avengers: Infinity War during the film's massively successful opening weekend. Plus, with Deadpool potentially joining the MCU eventually, if Disney's deal to acquire Fox goes through, it's possible they'll all become one big superhero family (though we'd still like to know which Disney joke Fox made Deadpool 2 cut). No matter what, hopefully Deadpool 3, X-Force and other future movies starring the Merc with a Mouth feature as clever marketing as this letter that spoiled one of the biggest twists in Deadpool 2.

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