Ryan Reynolds Shares Deadpool 2 Set Photos From Make-a-Wish-Visit

Deadpool 2 star Ryan Reynolds shares some adorable photos (and a very Deadpool caption) from a Make A Wish Foundation set visit.

It's past Valentine's Day, but Ryan Reynolds is still warming hearts with some adorable photos from a Make A Wish set visit to Deadpool 2. The follow-up to the massively successful Deadpool is set to hit theaters in May, and is currently filming re-shoots in Vancouver, BC, under the new working title 'Daisy'. The reshoots are presumably nothing major, of course, but simply standard procedure for a major movie at this stage in the game. After seeing the Deadpool, Meet Cable trailer, and hearing from Rob Liefeld about why Fox chose to delay its release, there's little doubt that Fox is confident they've another hit on their hands.

With the reshoots currently underway, there are likely to be a few more behind the scenes photos on the way for fans to enjoy - especially as the stars of Deadpool 2 are so active on social media. Josh Brolin even announced that reshoots were on the way with an Instagram video, Reynolds posted to his own Instagram to celebrate Brolin's birthday, and now the star has also added a few (less hilarious, but very sweet) photos of a recent set visit.

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Reynolds posted a series of nine images to his social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), all from a set visit from the Make A Wish Foundation and its Canadian counterpart, Children's Wish Foundation. As well as the photos of himself with the kids and their families, Reynolds made a point of thanking prop master Dan Sissons, who created bamboo versions of Deadpool's swords to give to the kids as a souvenir.

The rest of the caption is written in typical Deadpool style, with lines like 'Deadpool kicked Cancer in the taint', just in case any fans were getting a little too teary-eyed over the incredibly heartwarming post. Reynolds is far from the first superhero to get involved with charities that work to cheer up sick kids, of course. Many of the Marvel heroes have been known to get in costume for hospital visits, like Chris Pratt, who often dresses up as Star-Lord to visit hospitals, and Chris Evans has been known to don his Captain America costume to do the same.

As much fun as it is to watch Reynolds embody Deadpool in silly trailers and marketing videos for his films, it's even better to see him being a real-life superhero and taking the time to give these kids a special day. Along with other actors who are doing their own visits, launching charity campaigns, and raising money for good causes, these guys are making sure that they are someone to look up to off-screen, too.

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Source: Ryan Reynolds

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