Ryan Reynolds Explains If You Should Watch Deadpool 2 With Your Parents

Want to know if you should see Deadpool 2 with your parents? Wade Wilson, or more accurately Ryan Reynolds, has the answers. Deadpool is taking to Google to personally answer searches from across the globe.

Similar to the first movie, Reynolds and company have gone above and beyond with the marketing for Deadpool 2. In the build-up to the movie's release, Deadpool has mocked the #ThanosDemandsYourSilence campaign from Avengers: Infinity War, personally responded to a joke in a Teen Titans Go to the Movies! trailer and, of course, danced in a music video with Celine Dion. The latest stunt has had Deadpool make history by going live on Google's search engine.

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Deadpool isn't in every Google search, just a few choice ones. Yet the campaign is certainly going for quality over quantity, based on just a few of the responses that Ryan Reynolds has recorded, in character, as Deadpool. Each answer contains Deadpool's signature snark and proves there's almost nothing that Reynolds can't do as the character.

Here are some of Deadpool's best questions and answers:

Should I watch Deadpool 2 with my parents? Are you asking if you couldn't line up a date or is it because you're not 17 yet? Either way, the answer's yes.

Did Ryan Reynolds really play the piano in La La Land? Absolutely! He also earned critical acclaim for his role in The Notebook and the TV series Young Hercules. Player!

Who is Deadpool? Witty superhero, wears a red suit, friendly neighborhood kind of guy, lives with an old woman, might shoot webs.

Is the Earth flat? If I'm looking at a globe? Well, I say no. But if I'm looking at a crisp map laid out on the desk? I say no.

To find Deadpool's Google answer is rather easy. All it takes it to go into Google and search Deadpool 2. After scrolling down it's simple to find the video answer to some of Google's apparently most pressing questions, from everything to "When is Mother's Day?" to "What is Love?" (Deadpool's answer to the latter is exactly what you're imagining.)

This method of questioning and answering is relatively new for Google. Live answering launched in December 2017. Since then, it has been used to cover cultural events like the Grammys, International Women's Day and Teacher's Appreciation Day. Every previous live Google has been granted to real people, whether they're celebrities or notable in some other way. With Deadpool, this is the first time a fictional character has taken over the platform. If that doesn't prove how saturated and embedded Reynolds and company have made the character, nothing else will do it.

Of the many, many Deadpool 2 publicity stunts, Deadpool answering Google searches falls somewhere in the middle. Reynolds isn't the first celebrity to humorously answer the questions of the internet and he won't be the last. It's true that few have tackled the situation as creatively and originally as Deadpool. Yet the character can only do so much with the inane pondering of the Google masses.

The exact plot and details of Deadpool 2 remain a tightly guarded secret. If the movie is even halfway as entertaining and passionate as the promotion building up to it, fans are going to be in store for a very special (and hilarious) experience.

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