Deadpool 2 Hasn't Cast Cable Yet, Will Film 'When It's Ready'

Deadpool 2 - new director found

After last year's Deadpool earned widespread critical praise (including some prestigious awards nominations) and broke box office records, fans everywhere cannot wait for God's Perfect Idiot to return in Deadpool 2. The first film infamously lingered in development hell for years, and likewise the sequel has had some issues getting off the ground. In late 2016, director Tim Miller stepped down due to creative differences, paving the way for John Wick co-helmer David Leitch to call the shots. Following a short delay, production is said to begin this summer, but there are still some things to figure out before the cameras start to roll.

The biggest priority for the Deadpool 2 team right now is finding the right actor to play Cable, the time-traveling mutant whose involvement was confirmed in Deadpool's post-credits scene. Names such as Kyle Chandler have been rumored for the part, but nothing official has come out on that front yet. The role is obviously a pertinent aspect of the sequel, and the filmmakers will not forge ahead until all the pieces are in place.

While on the Golden Globes red carpet (where Deadpool was nominated in key categories), star Ryan Reynolds spoke with MTV and was asked about the followup's development. He stated the Cable casting process is still ongoing and production won't begin until that's finalized:

"We're still working on it. We're not going to start until we're ready."

Deadpool and Cable Back to the Future

Considering the reports of a June 2017 start are accurate, then the producers sill have five months to hold auditions and screen tests. That seems like plenty of time to get an actor on-board, and with Deadpool 2 starting to get back on track, it's reasonable to assume someone will be cast as Cable before summer comes around. Reynolds was very complimentary of the creative team behind the film, saying, "Everything feels great. Everybody is seamlessly locked into the situation." From the sound of things, Deadpool 2 is moving along relatively smoothly after hitting some speed bumps. Making things easier is the fact that Fox has yet to confirm a release date for the film, so there isn't a mad dash to the finish line yet.

It would definitely be for the better if Deadpool 2 was not rushed and Leitch was given the necessary time to craft the film he wants. The original movie may have surpassed expectations, but there will be a lot of pressure on the sequel to deliver on all fronts. As crazy as it is to believe, Deadpool is arguably the most critically acclaimed comic book adaptation since The Dark Knight (complete with a Writers Guild nod), so this is something many people hold in high regard. Fortunately, Reynolds and company are on the right approach, and they want to make sure Deadpool 2 is just as special as its predecessor.

Source: MTV

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