15 Deadpool 2 Rumors We Hope Are True (And 3 We Hope Aren’t)

The original Deadpool movie is one of the best underdog stories ever told. However, we aren't even talking about the plot of the movie -- no, we are simply talking about the movie's infamous production.

Development of the Deadpool film starring Ryan Reynolds began in February 2004, before he went on to play the character in X-Men Origins:Wolverine in 2009, which, as we all know now, was an unmitigated disaster.

That following year, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were hired to work with Reynolds to more faithfully adapt the character, including, but not limited to, his famed fourth wall breaking.

Following an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to leaked test footage, a Deadpool movie was greenlit and the rest is history. The movie was released February 2016 and became an instant financial and critical success.

Breaking numerous records and becoming the overall highest-grossing R-rated film of all-time, Deadpool earned over $783 million worldwide, with a sequel being greenlit shortly after the film's release.

Now, with the release of the first Deadpool 2 footage just days away, it's the perfect time to speculate on the rumors about the highly anticipated movie.

Here are the 15 Deadpool 2 Rumors We Hope Are True (And 3 We Hope Aren't)!

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18 Want: the Deadpool 3 (or X-Force) villain will be teased

While Deadpool got credit for shirking the norms of the standard superhero movies and sticking to its source material as faithfully as possible, this doesn't mean that it will be an outlier across the board, meaning universe building is upon us.

Following the retirement of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, Deadpool is now one of-- if not the most-- bankable character 20th Century Fox has to offer, so there's no question that they will begin plotting towards Deadpool's third cinematic appearance as soon as th second outing concludes.

After the credits of the first Deadpool, Wade popped in Ferris Buehler style to let us know that Cable will be appearing in the sequel, so it's likely that something similar will appear after Deadpool 2 which will give us some clues about the third movie's villain.

17 Want: Mutant Response Division will appear

Deadpool is, at the end of the day, an X-Men movie. With all-- or at least most-- X-Men movies comes the discussion of mutants and their place in the world, as well as the debate iver whether or not they deserve to be there at all.

One of the manifestations of humanity's fear of mutants in the Marvel Universe is the Mutant Response Division, which is rumored to make its first appearance in Deadpool 2.

The Mutant Response Division are a group of elite soldiers designed to protect humanity from the perceived threat of mutants, making them enemies of the X-Men and the muscle of the overall mutant xenophobia that infests the Marvel Universe.

All that said, while the Mutant Response Division may appear in Deadpool 2, it could ultimately be nothing more of a henchmen role, akin to the Reavers in Logan.

16 Want: Black Tom Cassidy will be the main villain

One of the best-kept secrets about the highly anticipated Deadpool sequel is who the main antagonist is going to be.

While some reports suggest that Cable (Josh Brolin) will be the main villain in the still untitled Deadpool 2, our guess is that Cable will be the "villain" the same way that Batman was in Batman v Superman, meaning the film will begin with the two heroes at odds, but will end with them fighting side-by-side.

Regardless of who the follow-up villain is, they're going to have to bring in their A-game-- particularly since Ed Skrein gave us one of the more down-to-earth "human" (not CGI) villain performances we've seen in a comic book film in some time.

15 Want: Taskmaster will appear


Following the massive success of Deadpool, rumors about the eventual sequel immediately begun. Ed Skrein, who played the main antagonist Ajax (Francis) in the original Deadpool movie, told IGN that he would like to see Taskmaster in the sequel.

"To see Taskmaster and Wade Wilson/Deadpool together is so funny – watching them play in the Daniel Way collection, they have these incredible riffs. He’s a mercenary like Wade Wilson but he’s a mercenary without morals. The only redeeming factor of Deadpool is his morals, right? Taskmaster does not have those morals so he back-stabs and stuff like that," he said.

Tony Masters, the Taskmaster, has the ability of “photographic reflexes,” which means he can mimic the abilities, techniques, and movements of those around him. Eventually turning to a life of crime, Tony assumed the moniker Taskmaster and began donning a skull-mask costume, becoming a trainer for would-be supervillains.

14 Want: Vanessa will become a mutant

Deadpool and Vanessa

Once Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin, was confirmed for the sequel, it was clear that sh would be deployed as more than the girlfriend and damsel in distress.

This is where things get complicated, though. In the comic books, Vanessa is also a mutant-- however, she was a mutant from birth, unlike Wade, who we all now know was turned into one thanks to Ajax, err, Francis.

Not only is Vanessa a mutant from birth, but her ability is the power of shape-shifting. So there are various ways that Fox can realistically go about this. The first is that Vanessa stays a regular human, which just seems unlikely if we're to assume that Fox is working towards a Deadpool/X-Men universe. The second option is that Vanessa will turn out to be a mutant, although a mutant with a power not as potent as shapeshifting. The third option is that Vanessa will become a more powerful-- or well known-- mutant.

13 Don't want: James Marsden will reprise his role as Cyclops

Now, to be clear, while we might all want an appearance from Cyclops (for that matter, we're all in on any appearance from any X-Men character, really), we'd hope that it was Tye Sheridan's portrayal of the character.

While Marsden is a fine actor, his portrayal of Scott Summers never really stuck. Whether that was because he was merely outshined by Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, was mishandled by Brett Ratner in X-Men: The Last Stand, or both has yet to be seen. Marsden's Summers was never someone the audience connected with.

That isn't to say that Sheridan's performance of Summers is anything special -- it isn't -- but it's more of a desire to see the franchise move forward with young talent, not rehash the past with old talent. Not to mention the narrative juggling that would need to be done in order to introduce Marsden's version of Cyclops.

12 Want: Jack Kesy's role may be Black Tom Cassidy

Jack Kesy in The Strain

According to a report from Deadline earlier this year, rumors indicate that actor Jack Kesy could be portraying a "major villain" in Deadpool 2. While the report said that insiders weren't "entirely clear" which bad guy Kesy could be playing, sources stated that the role may have been for Black Tom Cassidy.

Black Tom Cassidy, usually depicted as an enemy of both the X-Men and Deadpool, is a Dublin-born mutant who can manipulate, bond with, and project energy through plant life. Furthermore, Black Tom is also capable of issuing concussive blasts with a wooden object-- a shillelagh being his usual weapon of choice.

Regardless of whoever ends up portraying Black Tom Cassidy, the character himself sounds like the perfect follow up to Ed Skrine's Ajax.

11 Want: Wolverine & Hugh Jackman Will Be Referenced

Hugh Jackman Wolverine

The constant references to both Wolverine and the actor who plays him, Hugh Jackman, in the original Deadpool was one of the funniest gags of the film. As comic book readers have long known, Wade Wilson and Wolverine are one of the most appealing combos of heroes that Marvel has to offer.

According to rumors, similar to the first movie, Wade will be breaking the fourth wall to express both displeasure and disappointment with the Hugh Jackman's choice not to return for a Wade and Wolvie team-up movie.

Even if Jackman didn't hang up the claws after Logan, it'd be hard to imagine Wolverine appearing in the Deadpool sequel given the convoluted nature of the X-Men cinematic universe, so a fourth-wall reference is all that fans should be realistically hoping for.

10 Want: Cyclops & Juggernaut will appear

Juggernaut as one of the X-Men, Cyclops, Wolverine, Beast

Keeping with the "surprise characters who may pop up" theme are rumors that Scott Summers (aka Cyclops) and Cain Marko (aka Juggernaut) may appear.

Both characters who previously appeared in the X-Men film universe (Scott Summers was portrayed by James Marsden, Cain Marko portrayed by Vinnie Jones), some rumors are speculating that these beloved X-Men characters will be popping up in Deadpool 2.

While Summers has since been rebooted with Tye Sheridan in the role, a replacement (and assumedly younger) Juggernaut has yet to appear in the X-Men cinematic universe as presently constructed.

This is where it all gets complicated, though, as the current iteration of cinematic Scott Summers is currently a teenager in the '80s and '90s, while Deadpool in the full grown man in the present.

However, given that, after all, these are comic book movies, anything is possible.

9 Want: Sunspot, Feral, and Shatterstar will appear in the post credit scene

In early 2017, it was announced that 20th Century Fox was casting three mutant roles to add to an already stacked cast: Sunspot, Feral, and Shatterstar. While the casting announcement was exciting for most fans, some were skeptical of their placements in the film given it's previously loaded cast of Deadpool, Cable, Colussus, Domino, Vanessa, Weasel, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and more.

As members of the X-Force -- the next stage of this Deadpool universe -- the appearance of Sunspot, Feral, and Shatterstar seems most likely to occur during the credits, given that it's unlikely that the film itself will have time to fully introduce and flesh out three separate mutants and X-Force members.

Regardless, given the casting call from 20th Century Fox, these three characters are probably going to be appearing in the film one way or another.

8 Want: Vanessa will become a Copycat

Deadpool Copycat Vanessa Weapon X

This seems like the most likely outcome for Vanessa given that it would be the truest to the source material, which is an ideology that the creators behind the Deadpool franchise seem committed to.

In the comic books, Vanessa is a mutant named Copycat. As a young mutant shape-shifter, Vanessa had a harsh life, however, she would eventually meet and fall in love with Wade. While most of that happened in the original film, there was no mention whatsoever of Vanessa having any sort of mutant abilities, let alone Mystique-esque powers.

The only question now is how her powers will be introduced. In our opinion, the easiest route would be personal reasons, meaning that she's been a mutant the whole time but not to reveal this to Wade. However Vanessa obtains her powers, we're sure the moment it happens will be undoubtedly awesome.

7 Don't Want: Famke Janssen will reprise her role as Jean Grey

Similar to our opinion of James Marsden reprising his role as Scott Summers, bringing Famke Janssen back into the fold would only further confuse the X-Men universe and timelines.

However, unlike Marsden, Famke Janssen's portrayal of Jean Grey was actually one of, if not the strongest part of the original trilogy, with Jean eventually becoming the focal point of the franchise.

However, with all that said, Famke Janssen's appearance would not only convolute the already beyond complicated X-Men timelines, but it would signal that 20th Century Fox feels more comfortable with the Jean Grey of the past, and not Sophie Turner, the Jean Grey of the present and star of the upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie.

Given that the next planned movie of the main X-Men franchise is centered around Turner's Jean Grey, even if Grey were to appear in Deadpool 2 -- which is highly unlikely -- it would need to be Turner's version.

6 Want: Bob (Wade's friend from Deadpool) will appear

Hydra Bob and Deadpool

Who's Bob? Well, that's kind of the point of Bob -- he's a regular guy who Wade Wilson knows from his mercenary past. However, longtime Deadpool fans know that Bob is more than just some random every man.

In fact, Bob, Agent of Hydra, is actually Deadpool's sidekick in the comic books. With a typically hilarious backstory, Bob was persuaded into joining Hydra by his wife, who felt that he was unable to hold a steady job. Eventually, he would cross paths with Wade, ultimately becoming his sidekick.

While Bob becoming Deadpool's sidekick (in a traditional sense) seems like a stretch given the way that the Deadpool universe is currently constructed, a role similar to the one Dopinder played in the original movie -- or at least another cameo -- is not out of the question for Bob.

5 Want: Deadpool will gain more powers

While Deadpool is mostly known for his accelerated healing factor, which makes him effectively immortal, the original movie did not necessarily lay out the extent of his powers. Sure, his hand gets chopped off, but how far does that power go? After all, having a superhero with no legitimate threat of death doesn't exactly yield itself to dramatic storytelling.

That said, there are powers that Deadpool has in the comics that went unused in the first movie that would add extra layers to the character.

Where the original Deadpool movie was heralded for it's relatively grounded and contained story, the introduction of Cable into the sequel will undoubtedly change the nature of the universe itself, leaving open the possibility for Wade to increase his powers.

4 Want: X-Force Members will make their first appearance

With Deadpool, Cable, Colussus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Sunspot, Feral, Shatterstar, and Domino all set to appear, it seems as though there will already be a slight overpopulation of characters without the introduction of further X-Force characters.

However, with Cable in play (and likely coming from the future), one has to imagine that more of the team's members will come in-- even if they're only in a post-credit scene.

To many, the most interesting dynamic of the film will be what time period Cable and Deadpool will end up when the film is over, not where they'll end up.

Given Cable's vague time-traveling background, it's within reason to think that Fox may see this as an opportunity to move Deadpool and Cable into another decade or timeline entirely, opening the possibility to all sorts of character introductions. The only question is which characters.

3 Want: Hope Summers will appear

Hope Summers in Marvel Comics

This Summers family sure is confusing. There's Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, who has appeared in a handful of movies played by two different actors at two different ages. Then there 's Nathan Summers, aka Cable, who will be making his cinematic debut in Deadpool 2 thanks to Josh Brolin. Finally, there's Hope Summers, who is Nathan Summers' adopted daughter.

Following some Easter eggs that were spotted in the Deadpool short that aired before Logan titled No Good Deed, fans began to speculate that Hope Summers would also be introduced in the Deadpool sequel.

Hope Summers' backstory is more complicated then the average fan should be expected to understand, so even if Summers is introduced, it will likely be a watered down version.

2 Want: Charles Xavier will appear

Logan Final Trailer - Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier

While it's pretty obvious that Deadpool 2 is going to begin building the bridge towards the X-Force movies, it will be interesting to see if the movie begins to build a bridge across to the X-Men movies.

Given the narrative convolution that the X-Men movies have created over the last 15 years, crossing the two worlds will take a little convincing, and there's no one better suited to do that job than Charles Xavier, aka Professor X.

With Sir Patrick Stewart finally relinquishing his spot in the wheelchair after Logan, the role is now solely James McAvoy's, meaning if Professor X does somehow pop up in Deadpool 2, it's going to be the new version.

Similar to the inclusion of Sunspot, Feral, and Shatterstar, if Charles Xavier does appear, it would (hopefully) be in a post-credit scene to begin to build towards X-Force or Deadpool 3.

1 Don't Want: Deadpool will gain too many ridiculous powers


To be clear, we're all for Wade Wilson gaining some powers in Deadpool 2, but we're against him gaining the preposterous rumored powers-- longevity, teleportation, a holographic disguise, and a magic catchel.

While Wade's ability to heal is still as "superpower-y" as it gets, Deadpool remains one of the most human (-ish) superheroes today, which would all be erased if he were gifted with the power of teleportation and extended longevity.

Though seeing Wade Wilson acquire new powers throughout the course of his cinematic run is obviously something that most fans would want to see, throwing them all into the second movie unearned, would be a classic case of sequelitis-- all but completely ruining the charm that made the original so enjoyable.


Can you think of any other rumors you hope are true (or aren't) about Deadpool 2? Sound off in the comment section!

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