Rob Liefeld Cried After Watching Deadpool 2

Rob Liefeld Draws Deadpool

Deadpool comic book creator Rob Liefeld admits he cried at the end of Deadpool 2. It's been a long journey for Deadpool since Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld's character first appeared in a 1991 issue of Marvel's New Mutants comic book. Initially a villain, Deadpool later evolved into an antihero with a known tendency to run off at the mouth and occasionally even break the fourth wall.

Deadpool would make his movie debut in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, though little of the character's distinctive personality would get through. Fans then clamored for Deadpool to get a movie of his own, complete with extreme violence and profanity, but studios were reluctant to greenlight that project. Then came the legendary "leak" of some Deadpool test footage, leading to renewed calls for a movie to happen. At that point Fox had no choice but to relent and produce a full-on R-rated Deadpool film starring fans' choice - and likely leaker - Ryan Reynolds as the titular antihero.

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Massive box office success would ensue for Deadpool, leading to a sequel teaming Reynolds with his comic book X-Force pals, and pitting him against long-time frenemy Cable (Josh Brolin). Now Deadpool 2 is finally being seen and early reviews say it's better than the original. Liefeld of course has a particularly strong connection to the film, and his reaction to it was downright emotional. Liefeld admitted in a tweet that he couldn't help shedding a tear watching his creation rip it up on-screen:

It should come as no surprise that Rob Liefeld would get emotional watching Deadpool 2. Considering how unlikely it was that Deadpool would ever come to the screen in any form remotely resembling the character Liefeld helped create. Before the first Deadpool, the idea of a comic book movie that let a superhero curse and slaughter people and break the fourth wall was unthinkable. Now, not only is that movie thinkable, it's gotten a sequel released in the summer against an Avengers movie and a Star Wars universe film. It's hard to think of such a huge budget movie being an "underdog story," but in the case of Deadpool, the tag actually fits.

But now that Deadpool stands to once again conquer the box office, what's next for the character? As things stand now, there's a very strong possibility Deadpool 2 will be the last movie carrying the "Deadpool" name. Instead, the character will likely carry on as part of the X-Force, with at least one movie planned that brings back the whole team. Liefeld himself has gone on record saying he believes X-Force can rival The Avengers in popularity. That sounds like a lofty goal, but then again, just getting Deadpool to the screen at all once seemed practically a pipe dream. So, don’t ever count out Deadpool.

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