Deadpool 2 Gets New Working Title; Reshoots Filming In Vancouver

Coming from the high of debuting its first proper trailer which everyone loved, Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin will soon be back on set for some Deadpool 2 reshoots in Vancouver. Directed by David Leitch, who picked up the mantle from Tim Miller, the Fox project will see the return of some of the familiar characters, as well as the introduction of brand new ones, and promises a bigger spectacle for the fourth wall-breaking mutant's second solo outing.

It's been just a week since Fox dropped the sequel's trailer which introduced us to the time-traveling mutant, Cable. And while the studio didn't scrimp on new footage, it continues to keep the film's story tightly under wraps. Nonetheless, the preview was still adored by many thanks to its on-point humor, bigger action set pieces and a lot of Easter Eggs that devout fans really dig. As we continue to go through the footage a few more times to come up with our own set of theories about what will pan out in Deadpool 2 (and maybe even the reported X-Force film), Reynolds and his team are gearing up for another round of filming for some final touches.


Omega Underground reports citing local sources that Deadpool 2 will be back in Vancouver for some reshoots with Daisy as its brand new working title. The article, however, didn't include a start date for the additional filming. This will be the third decoy production name for the movie after using previously using Love Machine and Caribbean Blue. Unless Reynolds and Leitch have cooked up something that would actually connect the film to the aforementioned titles, the source doesn't think that they are nothing but random. However, it suggests that Daisy is a possible nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey's Hal 9000 scene.

We already caught wind that the untitled Deadpool sequel will hold reshoots in the next couple of weeks thanks to Brolin's hilarious social media post last weekend. While the actor didn't reveal any particular info about the upcoming work on the film, it appears that he's working to get back on the same bulked-up physique that we've seen him on the previews for the Fox project. Considering that principal photography for the movie wrapped back in October plus the past holiday season, Brolin presumably eased up a bit on his strict gym and eating routines during his downtime.

We're unsure how extensive the additional work on Deadpool 2 will be but given that Brolin will need to get into the press tour for Avengers: Infinity War (where Brolin also plays Mad Titan, Thanos) presumably starting sometime in April, we expect that the reshoots won't take that long. After all, the Leitch-directed film is also due to hit theaters in just barely three months and with its post-production involving meticulous CGI work, they really don't have the luxury of time. Chances are that there won't be anything major left to film other than pick-up shots.

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Source: Omega Underground

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