Josh Brolin Confirms Deadpool 2 Reshoots In 'Workout' Video

Josh Brolin confirms that Deadpool 2 will indeed undergo some reshoots in the next couple of weeks via a funny social media post. Marking the return of Ryan Reynolds as the titular character, the Fox sequel is promising a bigger spectacle care of the Merc with a Mouth's newest adventures. This time, however, he brings along a set of new allies that could potentially be the crew he sticks with moving forward.

Deadpool 2 is dominating online chatter this week after Fox released the first proper trailer for the film following a short but hilarious first look late last year. Introducing Brolin's time-traveling mutant, Cable, the footage is chock full of funny Easter eggs, not to mention a couple of fourth wall-breaking quips referencing other superhero flicks such as Justice League and Avengers: Infinity War (where Brolin also plays mad Titan, Thanos). Despite a lengthy clip, the plot for the David Leitch-directed flick remains a mystery - a good thing considering that we presume a narrative-heavy preview is set to roll out sometime next month as we inch closer to the film's release.

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True to Deadpool's brand of humor, Brolin took it to his official Instagram to post a workout video announcing that the cameras will once again be rolling for the film's reshoots. Obviously, the man in the clip isn't him but we won't be surprised if the actor's gym routines are as intense considering how jacked he is as Cable. And of course, as part of the marketing scheme for the film, the snark between the Merc with a Mouth and his character spills over to the real world as he sneakily pokes fun of Reynolds' physique, calling it CGI-ed. Check out his upload below:

Over the last few years, the word "reshoots" has gotten a bad reputation, especially when it's linked to big-budget films part of the DC, Marvel or Star Wars franchise. Oftentimes, the term is associated by fans with a problematic film that didn't get the buzz it needed to have in its initial showing, prompting filmmakers to change some things in the script and redo some shots. While this has been the case for a slew of recent blockbusters, reshoots don't necessarily mean that a movie will be bad. In fact, tentpole projects often pencil in tentative reshoots as a precautionary measure if there need to be last minute additions or alterations. At the same time, if anything, reshoots are intended to make the end product better and not worse.

Brolin is set for a very busy summer. Regardless how long reshoots for Deadpool 2 will last (we presume not very long considering the film will be out in three months), the actor would need to start the press tour for Infinity War by April before the film debuts early May. And then, after the Marvel Studios' film rolls out, he'll do the same for the Fox sequel, which releases just two weeks after the ensemble flick.

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