Deadpool 2 Riffs On Flashdance With New Poster

The Merc with a Mouth is putting some of his dance moves to work in a new Deadpool 2 teaser poster inspired by Flashdance. The anticipation is continuing to build for Deadpool 2, which is just a little over three months away from its May 18 release date. Fans should be hyped, considering the first Deadpool movie in 2016 became one of only a handful of R-rated movies in Hollywood history to crack the $300 million mark at the domestic box office (it ended its theatrical run at $363 million) and making an additional $420 million in foreign territories for a blistering worldwide cume of $783 million.

Star-producer Ryan Reynolds has definitely raised the stakes for the unititled Deadpool sequel (which may end up being called Untitled Deadpool Sequel) by bringing in a couple heavy-hitting characters for the second-go round with Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz). Along with the growing cast, Reynolds is charged with maintaining the irreverent tone of the original, and to date with the film's promotional materials, he's done just that. From the film's hilarious Thanksgiving family portrait to his Bob Ross-inspired teaser trailer and his ingenious movie banner based on Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, Reynolds and his band of creatives continue to come up with inventive ways to get people taking about Deadpool 2.

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Sitting out the barrage of Super Bowl Sunday TV spots (and live-tweeting instead), Deadpool was given a breather Monday and got seriously back into promoting the movie Tuesday morning on social media. In a new tweet from Reynolds, the actor-filmmaker released a new teaser poster for Deadpool 2 along with select lyrics from Irene Cara's Oscar-winning song "Flashdance ... What a Feeling," that read, "Take your passion. And make it happen." See the tweet below.

The poster takes direct cue from an iconic moment in Flashdance, where water splashed down upon Jennifer Beals with her back arched against a chair as she prepared to get up and do her dance routine. But for Deadpool, his flashy move replaced water with shell casings to rain down upon him. What he's going to do from there is anybody's guess, but it's pretty safe to say it will include bodies hitting the floor around him.

The release of the new poster Tuesday will no doubt give fans one more reason to get thrilled over the prospects for the new Deadpool movie. The marketing campaign for the film so far has been nothing short of brilliant, and if that sort of bursting creativity can go into the mere promotion of a film, imagine what the actual film will be like. For the time being, with this latest teaser poster, Reynolds and company have created a warm feeling that will last all day – and what a feeling it is.

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