Deadpool 2 May Have The Best Post-Credits Scene Ever

Twentieth Century Fox’s Deadpool 2 screened for audiences and in addition to sharing their early reactions to the Deadpool sequel, those in attendance tease that it has the best, most must-watch post-credits scene ever. Post-credits stingers have become a major part of the comic book movie experience, especially in theaters. They were undeniably popularized by Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe, being used to tie the sprawling superhero franchise together. However, other comic book films - and other movies in general - have jumped on the end-credits scene trend.

For its part, the first Deadpool movie used its post-credits scene to great effect, confirming speculation that fan-favorite mutant Cable would be joining the franchise. Of course, that never would have come to pass if Deadpool wasn’t such a massive success. But the first film was a success, so it came as little surprise when Fox green lit Deadpool 2. Now that the highly anticipated sequel has screened for members of the press and select fans, we know to expect an especially fun post-credits scene.

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Folks who were able to see an early screening of Deadpool 2 Early Reactions: An Epic Sequel That Earns Its R-Rating on social media, but some also teased a post-credits scene that is absolutely not to be missed. A few viewers even went as far as to say it was their favorite post-credits scene of all time. Specifics about what the scene entails have not been mentioned - and will no doubt be kept a secret so Deadpool fans can experience it for themselves. Especially after star and producer Ryan Reynolds went as far as to post a plea to fans not to spoil the movie for others. Though, of course, that was a blatant joke on behalf of Avengers: Infinity War in true Deadpool style.

If these reactions and teases are any indication, fans of Deadpool will need to stick around through the credits in order to get the full Deadpool 2 experience. Whether the sequel’s end-credits stinger truly is the best of all time will be up for debate. Of course, it’s a debate that fans will surely enjoy participating in, especially as there are so many post-credits scenes to which it can be compared.

For their part, Marvel Studios has experimented with their credits scenes. While some, like the Avengers: Infinity War end-credits scene, still work mainly to set up future films, others have a bit more fun. Thor: Ragnarok and Spider-Man: Homecoming featured non-story related post-credits scenes. In fact, Homecoming’s stinger even poked fun at fans who stick around through the credits for the sole purpose of waiting for a post-credits scene. Additionally, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 included five credits scenes, pushing the boundaries of what’s expected from comic book movies.

Still, Deadpool 2 seems to push that boundary once again - not in terms of quantity but what its credits scene entails - and fans will no doubt want to stick around. And they’ll be able to do just that once Deadpool 2 hits theaters next week.

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