Deadpool 2 Cut A Post-Credits Scene With Baby Hitler

Deadpool with a baby

WARNING: The Following Article Contains SPOILERS For Deadpool 2.


A new report has revealed rough descriptions of the post-credit sequences for Deadpool 2. This includes a scene that was cut, in which the Merc with a Mouth would have gone back in time to assassinate Adolf Hitler while the noted genocidal maniac was still an infant.

The Baby Hitler Problem is a famous ethical dilemma, which has been promoted in philosophy and ethics classes for decades. Students are asked to consider whether one can justify the act of taking the life of one baby to save multiple lives, if you knew for certain that baby would go on to be responsible for the deaths of millions. This question is meant to make students ponder the nature of evil as an inherent force, whether people are truly born innocent and whether a notably evil person might find redemption through a change in circumstances and environment. This is formally known as the Nature Vs. Nurture Debate.

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MCU Cosmic reported on the baby Hitler scene, as well as the rest of the post-credits scenes featured in Deadpool 2.  The scene was reportedly cut as test audiences were uncomfortable with the suggestion of Deadpool taking a baby's life... even if the baby in question was Adolf Hitler.

The brief scene would have depicted Deadpool in a hospital maternity ward, standing by a crib with a name tag that reads "A. Hitler." Visibly conflicted, Deadpool would go back and forth on going through with the act. He finally makes his decision after another baby starts to cry, declaring "Shut up Ira, you’ll thank me someday!" The scene ends with the camera switching to baby Hitler's point-of-view, as Deadpool begins trying to choke the infant.

While this sort of humor is par for the course in the Deadpool comics, it's not hard to see why this scene might have been cut from the theatrical release. Dark comedies are notoriously difficult to sell to mainstream audiences. This is particularly true of Dead Baby Jokes, which are a sub-genre unto themselves.

Even without this scene, early reports from advance screenings have confirmed that Deadpool 2 is a far darker film than the original Deadpool, which easily earns its R-rating. It seems likely, however, that the cut post-credits sequence will be available on the eventual Blu-ray release of the finished film, along with any other scenes that were cut for reasons of time and/or good taste.

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Source: MCU Cosmic

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