Deadpool 2: What Pierce Brosnan Could Look Like As Cable

Deadpool and Cable Back to the Future

Twentieth Century Fox continues to enjoy the fruits of last year's Deadpool, which has emerged as an unlikely awards contender, but the studio is beginning to turn their attention to Deadpool 2. After hitting some speed bumps in the early going (original director Tim Miller stepped down), the project is back on track with John Wick co-helmer David Leitch calling the shots. Before filming begins this summer, the top priority for the creative team is finding the right actor to play Cable, the time traveling mutant who will team up with Deadpool in the sequel.

So far, there have only been rumors about the casting, and everyone has their own favorite pick for the role. Yesterday, Ryan Reynolds stirred up the latest round of speculation by posting a picture of himself with Hugh Jackman and former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan on social media. At first glance, it seemed to be three actors just goofing around, but some people tried to read more into the meeting and thought Brosnan could be in the running for Cable. Obviously, nothing official has come of this, but that hasn't stopped fans from envisioning what the ex-007 could look like in the role.

Artist extraordinaire BossLogic's latest piece (a Comic Book exclusive) is a rendition of Brosnan as Cable, looking like a grizzled, older action hero. You can check the picture out below:

Pierce Brosnan Cable Fan Art Boss Logic

Brosnan may not seem like the obvious choice for Cable at the outset, but a convincing argument can be made in his favor. His time as James Bond illustrated his action chops and sense of humor, two qualities that could come in handy for a Deadpool film. Of course, the dynamic between Cable and Wade Wilson is probably going to be akin to buddy cop pairings, meaning they'll have mismatched personalities. Fortunately, Brosnan can be no-nonsense when he has to and could be a great straight man to Deadpool's various antics (similar to Colossus in the first film). He certainly looks the part and would be a fun addition to the X-Men franchise.

Since the plan is to commence principal photography this June, the filmmakers still have some time before a decision needs to be made. This is one of the most crucial aspects of Deadpool 2, so Ryan Reynolds and company are giving it the care that it deserves. There's more pressure than ever on the followup to deliver a satisfying and funny superhero experience, so hopefully Deadpool 2 goes smooth from here and can rack up as many accolades as its predecessor.

Source: Comic Book

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