Deadpool 2 Writers Think Peter Should Get His Own X-Force Spinoff

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There's some obvious spinoffs coming out of Deadpool 2, but the film's writers think that X-Force's average joe Peter should be the next star. From his introduction in the final trailer, Rob Delaney's Peter has become a fan favorite. The marketing team has fully embraced the ridiculousness of Peter, the guy who joined X-Force just because he "saw the ad." Peter has his own Twitter account, LinkedIn page, some awesome fan-made posters and even pre-release cosplay.

A big part of Deadpool 2 is setting up the X-Force spinoff, which will pick up on the team formed by Wade. While X-Force will include Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool it has its own creative team, separate from the Deadpool franchise lead by director and writer, Drew Goddard. X-Force will be the next Deadpool spinoff and it might even lead to Josh Brolin's Cable and Zazie Beetz' Domino getting their own standalone movies. Yet as far as the writing duo behind Deadpool 2 is concerned, Peter is the future.

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In our exclusive interview with the scribes behind Deadpool 2, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the pair wasted no time in saying they want Peter to have his own spinoff. Reese said of the potential movie:

Yeah. It could get a little boring. I mean, he’s out behind the house doing his beekeeping and working on payroll during the day and stuff like that.

Peter Deadpool 2 X-Force

However when it was pointed out that Peter could buy some of his beloved khakis, the duo were a little forthcoming on the future of the character.

Rhett Reese: Yeah. Buying some khakis. Going to J. Crew to buy some dockers. But yeah, we’d love to see more of Peter.

Paul Wernick: And probably will.

The idea of a full-fledged Peter spinoff is most likely a pipe dream. The Deadpool franchise is unstoppable, going from the movie that almost didn't get made to Fox's most successful, by far, superhero franchise. Still, it would be a pretty hard sell to have a feature film devoted to Peter being Peter, which is doing precisely nothing interesting. Peter's whole shtick is that he doesn't belong. The Deadpool 2 team is very talented, including Reese and Wernick, but even they can't make that minor joke work for a whole movie.

However, it's pretty obvious that Deadpool 2 won't be the first and last time fans see Peter. A feature film spin-off might not work but Peter could easily get a short film, released online or even in Deadpool 2's home release. Peter is definitely best used in small doses.

Of course there's also a chance of Peter popping up in the not-yet-announced but almost certainly happening, Deadpool 3. One of the delightful things about Deadpool 2 is how it brought back minor characters from the first movie that weren't exactly begging for a reappearance. The return of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are obvious. They're X-Men after all. Yet there was no reason to bring back Dopinder, Deadpool's taxi driver, other than the actor and character were a lot of fun in the first movie.

Peter has been embraced a lot more than Dopinder, at least in the build-up to Deadpool 2's release. It's likely that he'll end up occupying the same space as Dopinder. Peter will be a funny side character that fans will enjoy but don't necessarily need to see more of in a standalone capacity.

Although a Deadpool 2 spinoff that combines Peter and Dopinder into one wild misadventure could be just hilarious enough to work.

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