Deadpool 2’s Peter Attends Film Premiere With X-Force Team

Deadpool 2 Peter

Update: The Deadpool 2 writers want Peter to get his own X-Force spinoff.

There was a surprising appearance at the star-studded Deadpool 2 premiere: Peter, the seemingly powerless member of the newly formed X-Force who has become something of an internet sensation.

The first Deadpool film became a surprise megahit in 2016, grossing $783 million worldwide, thus making it the highest-grossing R-rated film of all-time. The raunchy, blood-splattered movie overcame a somewhat reluctant studio and its hard R-rating to somehow make more money than plenty of more mainstream, family friendly comic book blockbusters. The inevitable sequel had a somewhat bumpy liftoff - director Tim Miller has been replaced with Atomic Blonde helmer David Leitch - but Deadpool 2 looks to be an even more outrageous, fourth-wall smashing romp than the original, and the Deadpool 2 early reactions are proof of that.

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One of Deadpool 2's biggest curiosities was on hand in the flesh for the red carpet premiere. The dorky suburbanite Peter - a powerless, middle-aged man who answered an ad to join X-Force - was present at the film's debut, sporting his now trademark khakis and formidable mustache.

Peter is played by Rob Delaney, star and creator of the Amazon comedy series Catastrophe. Before he became a prominent actor, Delaney rose to fame as one of the earliest comedic superstars of Twitter. Appropriately, Delaney's Peter has had a meticulously curated Twitter account that originated far before the character debuted in one of the final trailers for the film. The Twitter account chronicles Peter's enthusiasm for beekeeping, grilling, and occasionally spending his weekends with the X-Force.

While "Peter W." seems a lot like a newly created joke character, plenty of fans believe he's a radical reinvention of the Excalibur and X-Force character Pete Wisdom, an assassin mutant who could throw blades of energy from his fingertips. Considering Deadpool 2 is bringing in obscurities like Shatterstar and Zeitgeist, Pete Wisdom doesn't seem too far fetched, and the goofy Peter turning out to be a suave secret agent would be an interesting reveal.

Deadpool 2 is poised for a monster opening weekend and is likely going to prove there's no real ceiling for R-rated films, at least not anymore. The movie has been conducting a masterful marketing campaign, with Reynolds appearing in character in everything from Celine Dion videos to Hugh Jackman's bedroom. While the mainline X-Men movies have grown a bit stale for many moviegoers, Fox has been hitting home runs with more adventurous films like Deadpool and Logan, and on television with the mind bending Legion. Deadpool 2 could potentially become their biggest hit yet - and it's nice to have Peter along for the ride.

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