Deadpool 2's Peter Has His Own LinkedIn Page

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Update: The Deadpool 2 writers want Peter to get his own X-Force spinoff.

Deadpool 2 continues its impressive marketing campaign that's been heavily focused around Peter W. (Rob Delaney) by giving the X-Force member his own LinkedIn page. After all, he's one of the most mysterious characters in the sequel, especially since he joined the mutant superhero team despite not having any superpowers or any crime-fighting experience.

Described on his Twitter profile as an "Experienced Apiarist (Beekeeper)," Peter W. is a devout husband who enjoys sports and grilling on his deck when he isn't tending to his hives. Peter first became known to the world when he was spotted in the final trailer for Deadpool 2. Despite an apparent lack of superpowers or covert operations experience, Peter's optimistic attitude apparently impressed Deadpool enough to win him a spot on the "super-duper" team. Since then, Peter has taken the world by storm, walking the red carpet at the world premiere of Deadpool 2.

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Despite his sudden popularity, Peter seems to be looking for work once again, according to a posting on his Twitter account.  At the very least, he's promoting his page on Linkedin - a popular social-media site used by professionals to hunt for new jobs.

Peter's profile offers a more in-depth look at his qualifications and history. It reveals that Peter has a bachelor's degree in security analysis from Metro University. It says that he has spent the last 20 years working as a regional sales manager for The Excalibur Cutlery Company. He also lists himself as still being employed by X-Force, with his responsibilities being "do whatever Mr. Deadpool tells me to!"

The latest posting from Peter is decidedly more personal, featuring a picture of Peter, his beloved wife, Susan, and her personal trainer, Gus. The post describes Peter's thoughts on how one can strengthen a marriage through distance, and how he and his wife lead active lives apart from each other. Peter says this allows them to better appreciate the time they do spend together, though he spends most of his free time working with his bees and she spends most of her free time working out with Gus.

All joking aside, this easter egg seems to support earlier fan theories that Peter W. is Deadpool 2's answer to Pete Wisdom. Created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Ken Lashley for their run on Excalibur, Pete Wisdom was a British secret agent with the mutant power to generate "hot knives" of pure thermal energy on his finger tips. He was originally assigned to the British X-Men off-shoot Excalibur as a government liaison, but later went on to lead one version of X-Force. It remains to be seen if Peter will prove to be more than is apparent in the movie, but hopes are high among those comic fans who fondly remember Wisdom's short-lived partnership with Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde in the mini-series Pryde and Wisdom.

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