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Peter, the breakout star of Deadpool 2's promotional campaign, receives his own stylish character poster to celebrate his role. Wade Wilson knew that if he was going to save Russell Collins from Cable, he was going to need to put together a team. While many of the X-Force recruits are mutants with special abilities, Peter is just a normal guy who saw the ad and wanted to help. This endeared him to both Deadpool and the audience, and he quickly became a fan-favorite and an integral part of the sequel's viral marketing.

There's no denying Peter struck a chord with the zeitgeist, seeing that even before Deadpool 2 hit theaters, people were cosplaying as the character and designing fan-art. To their credit, the team behind the latest comic book blockbuster realize what they have in Peter, and he now has his own official one-sheet.

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Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter yesterday to share the Peter character poster, affectionately calling the everyman "cornerstone of X-Force." The imagery sees Peter skydiving in the middle of a lightning storm, a pretty humorous picture that's fittingly on-brand for Deadpool 2. Given the horrific deaths various X-Force members suffered in the film, odds are this wouldn't end well for Peter. If some wind did the team in, lightning would be disastrous. Since lightning is typically accompanied by thunder, the poster could be a meta reference to Deadpool 2's use of "Thunderstruck" during this sequence.

While Peter perished in the original Deadpool 2 timeline, the film's hysterical mid-credits sequence (which is confirmed to be canon) depicted Wade traveling back to save Peter from certain death. This means he's alive and well in the franchise and could return for subsequent installments. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have expressed their desire for Peter to get his own spinoff movie, so it'll be interesting to see if he returns down the road. Peter did say the X-Force's mission was a little scary and seemed fine leaving the team. Maybe jumping out of a plane was enough thrills for an Average Joe like him.

As funny as Peter's presence in the film was, the last thing anyone wants is for the gag to run thin in forthcoming sequels. His inclusion helped give Deadpool 2 something fresh to play for laughs and stand out, so it might be best if X-Force went in another new direction so it didn't come across as more of the same. Still, it would be fun for Peter to come back for a cameo if it would fit. He's the only X-Force member Deadpool bothered to save, so Wade's obviously fond of him.

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