Deadpool 2 Is Expanding The X-Men Universe - Here's Every New Mutant

Deadpool 2 Shatterstar


When the second Deadpool 2 trailer showed off part of Wade's team in the back of a helicopter, the unique costume of the character behind Crews signaled to fans that Shatterstar was making his way to the big screen. Sure enough, the latest Deadpool 2 trailer name-checks the mutant and shows off his very '90s costume, alongside his signature weapons.

Also created by Liefeld, Shatterstar has an even more complex origin than Cable. Debuting in 1991's New Mutants #99, Shatterstar was born Gaveedra Seven and is technically the son of Longshot and Dazzler. He grew up in the Mojoverse, however, and suffice it to say much of his backstory is unlikely to make it into the movie. The film isn't shying away from his costume, however, but his powers may be a different story. In the comics, Shatterstar has super-strength, super-speed, super-reflexes and more, alongside a healing factor, teleportation, and shockwave generation. That last power is his most well-known, and seems to be on display in the new Deadpool 2 trailer. Given that Shatterstar has also been a member of X-Force, actor Lewis Tan may make the jump to the new franchise as well.

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Bill Skarsgård has only been glimpsed in the trailers for Deadpool 2 so far, and his character wasn't named as part of the X-Force lineup in the recent look at the film. Luckily, Rob Delaney (who plays the human Peter in the film) confirmed Skarsgård will play Zeitgeist in the film. Though his name wouldn't suggest it, Zeitgeist has the power to regurgitate acid. As for his role in the film and beyond, hopefully he'll fare better than in the comics, where he died in 2001's X-Force #116—the same issue he debuted in.

Shiori Kutsuna's Character

Deadpool 2 - Shioli Kutsuna as Surge

Though Shiori Kutsuna's character appeared just before Wade introduced the new X-Force in the recent Deadpool 2 trailer, her name wasn't given. As such, she's one of two mystery mutants in the movie. Luckily, her display of electrical powers glimpsed in various footage means she's likely playing Surge.

The newest mutant to join the film, Noriko Ashida debuted as Surge in 2004's New Mutants #8. Gifted with the mutant power to absorb electricity, Surge can release her stored energy as lightning blasts or bursts of super-speed. In the footage so far, we've seen her channel her powers into weapons. Though not a member of X-Force on the page, she should add an interesting angle to fight scenes in the film.


Julian Dennison in Deadpool 2

The mystery of who 'The Kid' is has been growing ever since Julian Dennison was cast in Deadpool 2, and it only increased when we learned Cable's mission in the movie is to capture the young mutant. Deadpool seems to assemble X-Force to stop Cable and protect The Kid, but something bigger could be at play if time travel is involved. Though there's been no official confirmation of who Dennison is playing, a Deadpool 2 TV spot revealed the identity of 'The Kid' as Russell. That along with his display of pyrokinesis means Dennison is probably playing Russell Collins aka Firefist.

Firefirst debuted in 1986's X-Factor #1 as a character a good bit older than Dennison. Still, he's a relatively minor hero and it seems Deadpool 2 is taking some liberties with him. His fire-generating powers are pretty straightforward, though some ominous shots of the character surrounded by flames in mean he could be responsible for something horrific (thus explaining Cable's arrival). While the first Deadpool hardly had a secretive plot, it looks as if the sequel will be saving a number of story surprises for its debut. Regardless of what unfolds, however, Deadpool 2 will greatly expand the roster of mutants in the X-Men universe.

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