Deadpool 2 Is Expanding The X-Men Universe - Here's Every New Mutant

Deadpool 2 will be positively packed with new mutants, doing its part to continue expanding the X-Men universe. Since the first X-Men debuted, Fox has made a habit of enlarging its ensembles with each film. So far, only Logan has kept things relatively low-key in this department, but even that movie still managed to introduce several new characters.

The first Deadpool, despite being a standalone, brought over Colossus from the main franchise and introduced Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Angel Dust, and Ajax. Also, though she may not share her comic book counterpart's genes, Vanessa is based on the mutant known as Copycat. Deadpool 2 will naturally ratchet things up, given that it's a Fox sequel to an X-Men film, and the irreverent superhero's second solo film will bring a number of characters from page to screen. We don't know what the Disney deal means for Deadpool, but in the meantime Fox is intent to continue growing the XCU.

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Deadpool 2 will be doing double duty, as characters like Cable and Domino will return for X-Force. Until then, however, here's a look at all the mutant characters we've seen so far who will appear in Deadpool 2.

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Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

Cable has a complex history in the comics and it's not clear how much of his backstory will appear in Deadpool 2. He was born Nathan Summers, the child of Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey first appeared in 1986's Uncanny X-Men #201. It wasn't until 1990's New Mutants #86 that Cable finally arrived, however. Gifted with telekinesis and telepathy, Cable is a powerful mutant - unsurprising, considering who his parents are. Unfortunately, he's also been afflicted since he was a child with a techno-organic virus that has converted his left arm and eye into cybernetics. Most of Cable's stories involve time travel, which is bound to be a part of Deadpool 2, but we'll have to wait and see whether Nathan's parentage is addressed.


After creating Deadpool and Cable, Rob Liefeld debuted Neena "Domino" Thurman in 1992's X-Force #8. Though not as well-known as the other two Deadpool 2 leads, Domino's history as a mercenary mutant and member of X-Force makes her a fitting addition to the team. And as the final Deadpool 2 trailer confirms, she has the power of luck. Basically, she can warp reality around herself to ensure all of her endeavors work out for the best (though she can still suffer some harm along the way). Despite Wade's claims in the trailer that her abilities aren't cinematic, she's likely to be involved in some inventive action scenes.


Deadpool 2 - Terry Crews as Bedlam

When Terry Crews first popped up in the Deadpool 2 trailer, fans went wild trying to figure out who the popular actor could be playing. But thanks to the more recent look at the film, we actually have confirmation of a few key characters. Crews will be playing Bedlam, a mutant who first appeared in 1998's X-Force #82. Along with his fighting skills, Bedlam can generate an electromagnetic field that can affect machines and even the human brain. The trailers so far have merely shown him using his fists, but given how true Deadpool 2 is staying to other aspects of the comics, it seems safe to assume he'll have some version of his powers. And with Crews' name (and face) recognition, there's a good chance Bedlam could make it to X-Force.

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