Here's Who's In Deadpool 2's New Team

Deadpool and the X-Force in Deadpool 2

With our first proper look at Deadpool 2 here, let's break down who Wade Wilson's team of mutants are: the Six Park or X-Force. After a barrage of hilarious images, homage posters, and a Bob-Ross-inspired teaser, we finally got a full Deadpool 2 trailer. In it, we got lots of face time with Cable, plus looks at Domino, Dopinder, Vanessa, and more. The whole thing was packed with action, jokes, and Easter eggs - not to mention a plethora of mutants.

Like the first film, Deadpool 2 isn't afraid to pull in various mutants from the comics. Sure, most of them are obscure, like Negasonic Teenage Warhead, although Colossus had a sizable role the first time around. Even Morena Baccarin's Vanessa is the mutant Copy Cat in the comics, something we could see nods to this summer. But while of those characters will be back, many more mutants will show up. Indeed, the Deadpool 2 trailer teased a whole crew joining the Merc with a Mouth.

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During one of the final shots of the Deadpool 2 trailer, we see Wade and Domino set to jump out the back of a helicopter alongside a particularly motley crew. This gang could be the mutant team known as the Six Pack (originally Wild Pack), or possibly even Deadpool 2's version of X-Force ahead of Drew Goddard's in-development film. Whatever the case, there's plenty of comic book inspiration behind the team.

We don't see Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, or Cable, but they're sure to join in on the fight. Domino is working alongside Wade, however, so this could be a version of the team before the time-traveling Cable arrives. Since Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are X-Men, it stands to reason they wouldn't be directly involved with the mercenaries and their wetworks.

Joining Deadpool and Domino is the surprise cast addition of Terry Crews. It looks like Crews will be G.W. Bridge, a member of the Six Pack. Domino was part of the Pack as well, adding to the evidence that Crews is Bridge. Considering that his full name is George Washington Bridge, the obscure character is rife for jokes. If not Bridge, Crews could be playing Hammer, another prominent Six Pack member.

The two mutants behind Domino, Deadpool, and Crews are harder to make out, though the headgear of one certainly indicates Shatterstar, whose casting in Deadpool 2 was rumored. A member of X-Force from the '90s, Shatterstar is one of many characters who adopted the strange faceless helmet look (including Jean Grey and Gambit). There's also a chance he's a variation of Grizzly, who wore similar attire and served on Six Pack, though the actor lacks the size and hair of that hero.

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The final member is the hardest to decipher. If more Six Pack members are being used, this could be some version of Garrison Kane, Solo, or Constrictor. The skin disfiguration could also point to a take on Orphan, a hyper-sensitive mutant who fought with X-Force and X-Statix. It's also possible this is Jack Kesy's Black Tom before he's revealed as the villain of the film in a double-cross. We're unlikely to get much confirmation given how Deadpool 2 has been marketed so far, but a full cast list could provide a reveal. Until then, stay tuned for all things Deadpool 2.

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