Here’s Who Danced As Deadpool in Music Video - It’s NOT Ryan Reynolds

The titular star of Deadpool 2 took the internet by storm (once again) by dancing in a music video with Céline Dion, but it wasn't Ryan Reynolds inside the costume. As a part of the brilliant PR campaign for Deadpool 2 a video was released of Céline Dion singing an original song for the movie's soundtrack. There's almost nothing from the very emotional ballad that immediately attaches it to Deadpool. Except for the fact that the character appears in the video and moves with the grace of a professionally trained dancer.

The talented dancing skills of the Merc with a Mouth exist for a reason. Although Ryan Reynolds was involved in the intentionally melodramatic video and embraces every chance to play Deadpool, the actor didn't get up on stage with Dion. Another performer was behind Wade Wilson's mask and it's someone whose stepped into the role of Deadpool before.

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Dancer Yanis Marshall revealed on his Instagram account that he is the man responsible for Deadpool's dancing skills in the music video. Reynolds does appear at the very tail end of the video for Deadpool's speaking role. However, everything else from Deadpool's leg kicks to seductive strutting is all Marshall.

Marshall was born in France but has become a bit of an international dancing superstar. Marshall's biggest claim to fame is appearing on Britain's Got Talent in 2014, where he ended up as a finalist. Since his stint on the Got Talent franchise, Marshall has appeared on the French Dancing with the Stars and the Ukraine version of So You Think You Can Dance. Now, though, the 28-year-old seems to be the official musical stunt double for Deadpool.

The Dione video is Marshall's biggest spotlight yet.  However, it isn't the first time Marshall's worn the tight-fitting red bodysuit. Marshall's particular iteration of Wade Wilson made his public debut in late April during 2018's CinemaCon. Traditionally Fox has opened its CinemaCon presentation with a musical number. With the imminent release of Deadpool 2, and X-Force being the future of the franchise, Fox made the decision for Wade Wilson to take center stage for their CinemaCon opening. At the annual event, Deadpool opened it all with a huge song and dance routine.

During the presentation, Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman got up on stage and participated in the over-the-top extravaganza. Although Jackman was appearing as himself, not Wolverine, it still led fans to speculate. The moment lead to even more renewed discussion of a Deadpool and Wolverine crossover movie, even though it's likely to never happen outside of Reynolds and Jackman's social media feeds.

Although Reynolds and Jackman are quite close, personally, Reynolds wasn't on stage with Jackman for CinemaCon. The Deadpool in that production was, once again, Marshall. Reynolds does many things extraordinarily well as Deadpool. Dancing, however, isn't one of them. Reynolds has completely (and rightfully) taken over the role of Deadpool. No one will probably be able to play him as well for the foreseeable future. Yet it is nice to know if Reynolds needs Deadpool to perform a musical number, whether it's in Deadpool 2 or in the future, he has Marshall to call.

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Source: Yanis Marshall

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