Deadpool 2 Trailer Confirms [SPOILER] is The Movie’s Villain

The teaser trailer for Deadpool 2 revealed more than you realize, including a painting of the movie's villain - and it's NOT Cable.

WARNING: This article contains potential SPOILERS for Deadpool 2


Deadpool 2's teaser trailer showed painting some love, but may have also confirmed the movie's villain is Nathan Essex, also known as Mister Sinister. It's a guarantee that most who see the trailer will simply note Deadpool's homage to Bob Ross's own painting program, followed by a montage of split-second shots (and a tease of Josh Brolin's Cable). But for the Marvel Comics fans who pay extra close attention to the canvas and paints, it may be confirmation that a key supervillain in the X-Men universe will be the reason for Deadpool and Cable's team-up. Not to mention pack a potential connection to the other X-Men movies in the works at Fox.

For some, the suggestion that Mister Sinister will be the prime antagonist, operating behind the scenes of Deadpool 2 will be no shock at all. Time travel is key to Cable's origin story, and with several clues that origin will be at play in the movie already, it stands to reason that Mister Sinister's role in the story will be adapted, as well. But Deadpool 2 making good on the tease first dropped in the X-Men: Apocalypse post-credits scene still deserves speculation. Especially since the makers of Deadpool 2 have given a clue that's just vague enough to keep fans guessing a while longer.

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To make sure everyone is on the same page, the clue we're referring to comes near the end of the Bob Ross introduction, before the broadcast' goes haywire into footage of the actual movie. No, it's not the picturesque scenes of mountain cabins (although Wade Wilson and Logan rely on such remote hideaways fairly frequently). Instead, it's the image that appears without warning on the center of the canvas, following Wade's second effort to 'whack off' his paintbrush.

It may be taken as a random mess, or even a crude recreation of his own signature mask and logo, but closer inspection shows that can't be the case. Deadpool's eyes are white, not black - meaning the placement of black eyes and white paint is all wrong... unless it's not Wade being shown at all. In fact, it may finally confirm Mister Sinister is already in play, manipulating Wade Wilson's mind to announce his coming arrival:

Since Mister Sinister has seen limited adaptation in the mainstream, and next to no coverage in the X-Men movies, there's a good chance his importance to the film, or significance going forward may be missed. So let's begin with the most significant fact: he's a genetically-altered, telepathic supervillain who enjoys bending other minds to his will (something tells us controlling Wade's mind would be easier than most).

It's because of those abilities - combined with his costume - that his planned introduction to Fox's X-Men movie universe in Logan was vetoed in favor of a grounded approach. That makes Deadpool 2 the more logical choice, not to mention his (arguably) most influential role in the Marvel Universe was the creation of Cable.

It was Sinister who schemed to clone Jean Grey following her 'death' and the Phoenix Saga in hopes of mating her with Cyclops, thereby creating a superior mutant to raise as his own superweapon. Long story short, the plan worked: the child was flung into the future to become the techno-organic powerhouse known as Cable, eventually tasked with defeating Sinister's second master plan... Cable's genetic clone, Stryfe.

Now, it's anyone's guess just how much of that storyline will be referred to, hinted at for fans, or form the foundation of Deadpool 2's story. Again, time travel may shape Deadpool's next film, which points directly at Cable's origin story. With Deadpool now painting Sinister's likeness (crudely enough to not be spotted by every viewer) and recoiling in horror - as if he recognizes Sinister's red cape and black-and-white face coloring - the evidence is mounting.

If true, then the steps needed to unite the entire X-Men movie universe around Cable could be in the works already. With hints of a young Cable appearing in the film, and even some explicit nods to the daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey, anything is possible. Mister Sinister happens to be the most likely, at least until Deadpool 2 throws another curveball.

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