Deadpool 2: Stranger Things Star in Running for Cable

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These days a major superhero studio or franchise knows that keeping plans under wraps is always the smartest course forward (the sooner the fans know anything, the quicker things can spin out of control... or favor). But then, Deadpool is no ordinary franchise. The first film ended with not just a tease, but a promise that Deadpool 2 would be adding Cable to the mix, long before the time-traveling, techno-organic virus infected powerhouse was cast. And after controversial rumors and top-tier actors being discussed, we know one seriously involved.

It won't be easy for any actor to stand opposite Ryan Reynolds's fast-talking mercenary, but it's a role that actor David Harbour (Stranger ThingsSuicide Squad) is apparently in the running for, looking to add another unorthodox, high profile science fiction story to his own substantial filmography.

The word comes courtesy of TheWrap, whose sources inform them that while the casting is far from complete, Harbour has screen tested for the part. Considering that actors like Russell Crowe have been mentioned, and rumors claimed that the part was Pierce Brosnan's if he wanted it, the filmmakers are obviously casting as wide net. Opposite those names, Harbour represents a more interesting selection - but one that fans of the character actor will be able to get behind, since he's shown as wide a variety of comedy and dramatic chops as any ofthem.

But whether he can pull off the gruff, ruthless gunman saddled with Deadpool at maximum effort (and given their dynamic in the comics, even more insane)... that's a Herculean task for anyone. Plus, the fact that Fox may also be casting a potential lead for the in-the-works X-Force movie means Cable may be asked to play the babysitter of Fox's R-Rated X-Men universe for years to come. He has some experience at protecting the future of mutantkind, though, so he should be fine.

David Harbour in Stranger Things

Harbour still has a return to the role of Police Chief Jim Hopper in season 2 of Stranger Things to look forward to, but there's little doubt that a role opposite Reynolds in another potential billion-dollar blockbuster could make the veteran character actor a name, as well as a face. Whether the role will accentuate his comedic chops as a rival to Wade Wilson in terms of comedy, or play the 'straight man' to his antics is still unknown. But with Drew Goddard (DaredevilThe Cabin in The Woods) being added to the writers' group for the sequel, a host of clever characters is to be expected - even if Cable's jokes are more for the audience, than his co-star's benefit.

He's not the only new addition being made for the sequel, with a similarly-uncast Domino courting some impressive talents already. Deadpool is going to have his hands full... but bringing in more than half a billion dollars at the box office will do that.

What do you think of Harbour being considered for the part? Does he have the right mix of surliness and comedy needed to bring something new to the Deadpool movie series, or did you have your heart set on a Hollywood heavyweight?

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Source: The Wrap

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