Deadpool 2: Morena Baccarin Teases Vanessa's 'Evolution'

Following the success of last year's film, fans are eager to see if Deadpool 2 can live up to hype of its predecessor. While there have been some switch-ups behind the scenes, things seem to be on track to begin filming soon. All in all, Fox is taking an unusually patient approach to making the film, with the reported release date not even set in stone. Still, casting has continued to move along, with Atlanta's Zazie Beatz recently being added as mercenary Domino. We've heard that she and Ryan Reynolds' have great chemistry together, so now all that's left is to find the perfect actor to play Cable.

In recent weeks, we've heard that Michael Shannon is the frontrunner. Interestingly, though, Brad Pitt has also popped up as a name in contention. What's clear is that the role is a hotly sought after one. For many fans, seeing Cable and Domino come to life on screen for the first time will be almost as exciting as Wade Wilson finally getting a proper live-action film. The sequel won't be all new characters, however, as many of the supporting players from the first film will be back. The new movie will also dive into their histories more, along with their relationships to Deadpool.

One of particular interest is Morena Baccarin's Vanessa. Her relationship with Wade was a big part of the first movie, and though they had a happy reunion, we haven't seen what their pairing is like now that Wade has become the deranged Deadpool. Cinema Blend spoke with Baccarin recently and asked what she's hoping to see happen with her character in the new film.

"I would love to see the evolution of that character, and how she becomes that. I also think it's very interesting to see the relationship with her and Wade after the whole thing. His whole demeanor changing. And just how they continue their relationship."

Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin as Deadpool and Vanessa in Deadpool

While Vanessa had no issue with Wade's new visage, his altered mental and emotional state might prove too much for her. Deadpool has had relationships in the comics, including with Vanessa, but so far the only one that's lasted any prolonged period of time was with a demon queen. Vanessa is certainly no innocent, but dating a fourth-wall breaking lunatic might test her patience. Of course, she could undergo some changes of her own. In the comics, she's a mutant known as Copycat who possesses power mimicking abilities and shape-shifting skills. While there's no word on whether we'll see this on screen, Baccarin is just as hopeful as fans.

"Obviously everyone wants to see Copycat. I have no idea if that's something they have in the works or not."

Right now, Fox has a number of Marvel films and TV series in development, so they're certainly in need of some new mutant faces. With so many spinoffs, having an established character like Vanessa with a talented performer like Baccarin in the role is a boon. If she does get her powers, it could allow her to join other films like X-Force and make her fit more naturally into Wade's new life. Hopefully, Deadpool 2 will get moving soon, so we can learn more about what's in store.

Source: Cinema Blend

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