Deadpool 2 Trailer Reveals Iron Fist's Lewis Tan as Shatterstar [Updated]

Update: Shatterstar is Confirmed For Deadpool 2

Iron Fist's Lewis Tan may have been revealed to be part of Deadpool 2's cast as Shatterstar. The marketing campaign for Fox's highly anticipated sequel may not have aired a spot during the Super Bowl, but they kicked off this week's coverage with a live-tweet of the big game. In the following days, a new poster was revealed and a viral site launched. The biggest piece came with the release of Deadpool 2's first official trailer, and it did much more than just introduce Josh Brolin as Cable.

One of the moments that stuck out to fans the most was an ensemble shot of Deadpool and other mutants ready to leap out of a plane. Zazie Beetz's Domino was featured there, but the shot also revealed Terry Crews to be part of the cast - possibly as G.W. Bridge. Two additional team members were featured as well. While one is difficult to identify, the other is widely believed to be Shatterstar - and now we may know who is playing him.

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Twitter user HELLB0YS shared a side by side of Shatterstar from the trailer and Iron Fist actor Lewis Tan along with Tan's Twitter activity that may indicate he's part of the cast, too. Shatterstar in the trailer does resemble Tan, but it isn't clear enough to confirm on its own. However, Tan was liking multiple Shatterstar related images earlier today - ones that he appears to have since unliked after the internet sleuthing began.


— Tom™ // Comissions are Open (@HELLB0YES) February 7, 2018

Since this isn't the most concrete evidence, this alone is far from confirmation that Tan is indeed part of Deadpool 2's cast. However, in doing further digging, Tan also follows Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds and the sequel's director David Leitch on Twitter, and did so one right after the other. He also follows newly revealed cast member Terry Crews. Who follows who on Twitter isn't the best way to determine if an actor is part of another project, but there's more. Near the end of November, Tan revealed on Twitter that he recently worked with Lewis on a project. Crews and Tan have never worked on the same project before, and Deadpool 2 wrapped in October.

Just worked with him. Legend and a gentleman @terrycrews

— Lewis Tan (@TheLewisTan) November 21, 2017

When all of this evidence is put together, it appears more likely than not that Tan is indeed part of Deadpool 2's ensemble, and likely playing Shatterstar. Early reports on Deadpool 2 claimed Shatterstar would be introduced via a post-credits scene, but that was quickly debunked by screenwriter Rhett Reese. It may not be a post-credits intro, but Tan does appear to have a costume extremely similar to Shatterstar. Regardless of whether or not this is Shatterstar, it could be a big role for Tan moving forward if this team has any ties to X-Force's future roster. This has yet to be confirmed, but there's mounting evidence behind Tan being involved. If this is the case, hopefully it will be confirmed sooner rather than later.

Update 2: Lewis Tan confirmed on Twitter he's involved in Deadpool 2, indicating he is indeed playing Shatterstar. See his tweet below:

Squad just got interesting. Recognize anyone ? You guessed it. Get ready. #deadpool #XForce

— Lewis Tan (@TheLewisTan) March 24, 2018

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