Deadpool 2 Actor Lewis Tan Teases DC Project Role

Actor Lewis Tan

Lewis Tan may be joining DC after stints in Marvel's Iron Fist and Deadpool 2. There's plenty of opportunities for actors to get involved in a DC project nowadays. The main focus may be on the movies and how Warner Bros. is handling the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe, but they're insanely busy on TV. They've got five shows on The CW, plus Krypton on Syfy and Gotham on FOX. But, they're also preparing to launch a digital service (possibly later this year) that will feature several new shows.

The live-action Titans series is expected to premiere on the service first, seeing as it's already wrapping up production. There are also two animated shows in the forms of Harley Quinn and the return of Young Justice for a third season. Details are scarce on the rest, but a live-action Swamp ThingDoom Patrol, and Metropolis are also in development. It appears one of these projects could feature the recent Deadpool 2 star.

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Tan not-so-cryptically posted on Twitter a photo of him at the DC offices with a stack of comics and a caption that teases he's going to be a part of another comic book property. Tan confirms he had a meeting with the company to discuss something, but tagged DC's digital service page in the process which could be an indication he may have a role in one of the aforementioned projects.

The only visible comic is Ed Brubaker's Batman Vol. 2, which features a storyline where Bruce Wayne is sent to prison and must escape. That story doesn't really line up with anything DC is developing, so it could just be that Tan is a big fan of Batman and was looking to expand his collection. Tan mentions his connection with DC goes back to his father Philip Tan, who played a goon in Tim Burton's Batman. Tan says it will come full circle, so is he lining up a Batman-related gig?

Matt Reeves' The Batman is still very much in development, as evident by the constant speculation over whether or not Ben Affleck is going to stay. It's possible that this is a story point that Reeves wants to explore and Tan could play someone in Blackgate Prison that gets to tangle with whoever winds up playing Bruce Wayne. However, it would appear that it is far too early for casting to be underway.

After all, Tan's tease tagged the digital service, so that may be the best bet to determine where he could pop up. If his possible role is connected to DC Universe, then it really becomes difficult to pinpoint where he factors in. Tan has never done a voice only role before, so the animated projects are likely out of the question. Plus, he's an incredibly talented martial artist, so he'd be best served in a live-action setting. Tan has campaigned for the role of Nightwing before, but Brenton Thwaites is set to play him in Titans. What role Tan could ultimately have remains to be seen, but if he does have a new DC role, hopefully it will be confirmed soon.

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