Deadpool 2: Kerry Washington As Domino Fan Art

Kerry Washington and Deadpool

Deadpool's post-credits scene announced that fan-favorite time traveling mutant Cable would be one of the new additions to Deadpool 2, but Nathan Summers isn't the only fresh face the sequel will see. As Cable casting rumors continue to make their way around the internet (Pierce Brosnan is the latest candidate), it's easy to forget that Domino is going to be featured as well. First introduced in the early 1990s (co-created by Rob Liefeld), Domino is a human mutant with the power to alter probabilities in her favor and make her opponents decidedly unlucky. She has been a partner and lover of Cable in the comics, so her inclusion in Deadpool 2 makes a great deal of sense, as the series possibly builds towards X-Force.

Things had been relatively quiet on the Domino casting front, but just yesterday some details were revealed. It was reported Scandal star Kerry Washington is currently testing for the role, leading viewers to envision what the Golden Globe nominee would look like as the character. Enter artist extraordinaire BossLogic, whose latest piece depicts Washington in her possible Neena Thurman get-up.

BossLogic took to his Twitter account to share the image, which places the character in a shooting range as she strikes a pose. You can check the picture out for yourself below:

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) February 15, 2017

As BossLogic notes, he reversed the colors of Domino's costume (making it white with black accents) for his own purposes. One would assume that for Deadpool 2, the creative team would base Neena's look on the source material, considering the Deadpool suit is widely seen as one of the most faithful big screen superhero costumes of all-time. Granted, director David Leitch may use some artistic license when coming up with the final design, but the Deadpool team likes to stay true to the comics whenever they can. For many viewers, costumes are a key component of these films, and it's important to get them right so the fans remain happy. There's no reason why Domino's classic look can't be translated from page to screen, so she should be dressed in black in Deadpool 2.

Much like Brosnan as Cable, Washington may not have been the first name that came to mind for Domino, but she would be a good choice. Based on the character's description from the casting call, the actress could definitely convey Neena's trademark personality and attitude with ease, leaving a strong impression with viewers. It will be interesting to see who ultimately lands the part, but with Deadpool 2 aiming for a production start soon, announcements should be coming in the near future.

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Source: BossLogic

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