18Colossus Gains His Powers

Interestingly, Cain is not the only person to have been chosen by Cyttorak to become the vessel for the Juggernaut’s powers. Aside from Cain, at least one other person has taken the both the armor and identity of the Juggernaut.

In the crossover comic book, Fear Itself, the mutant Colossus puts

himself at risk to obtain the Juggernaut’s abilities. After Cain becomes the herald of another deity called the Serpent, Colossus travels to Cyttorak’s realm and takes on the burden of becoming his latest herald. While he succeeds in defeating Cain, his new powers also threaten to turn him into another version of the Juggernaut.

Ultimately, while there are moments where he has lost control of himself, Colossus retains enough of his own awareness to realize the full extent of the danger he poses to others. In moments of clarity, he convinced his allies to take precautionary measures against him in the event he loses control of himself. Thankfully, his sister Magik, was able to successfully sever his connection to Cyttorak.

Firstly, it seems unlikely that Colossus would have been an ideal candidate for the Juggernaut’s power, even if it was to stop Cain’s rampage. After all, Cyttorak is part of a group of eight deities that seek to conquer all of mankind. Thus, it's very unlikely that Cyttorak would decide to permanently make Colossus his herald following Cain’s defeat. Especially considering that Cyttorak is well aware that Colossus' moral compass is a stark contrast to Cain’s.

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