Deadpool 2: Josh Brolin Hangs with Slash on the Film's Set

Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash popped by the Deadpool 2 set for a visit with stars Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds. It's been a busy month of production for the cast and crew of Deadpool 2, which has been marked by such exciting reveals of Zasie Beetz's Domino costume, as well as Brolin's remarkable transformation into Cable.

Unfortunately, the production has been hit with tragedy, too, with the loss of stuntwoman Joi "SJ" Harris, who died in a crash while performing a motorcycle stunt August 14 on the film's set in Vancouver. After the production was immediately shut down for an investigation into the crash, filming resumed on August 16.

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While there were social media updates from the likes of Reynolds and Brolin early in the production before the tragedy, there's no doubt posts from the actors have nearly come to a standstill (Reynolds, who is very active on Twitter, for example, has not tweeted about Deadpool 2 since the on-set mishap). Brolin, though, appears to gingerly getting back into the groove with a new online update.

In an update from the set of the film in Vancouver, Brolin is pictured in an Instagram post with Slash, noting the famed rocker and his girlfriend, Meegan Hodges, stopped by to see him and "El Sarcastic" (who undoubtedly is Reynolds). See the post below:

Other than how stoked I am that I was born with the absolute largest skull in the Western Hemisphere, next comes the excitement that comes with the uber-talented, scruff mister Slash (and his lovely Meegan) visiting El Sarcastic and I on the set of Deadreservoir. #deadpool #slashisthefuckingman #oldschoolismyschool #ryanreynoldssneezedinhismasktodaywhichevenhethoughtwasdisgusting

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The post will no doubt leave fans with questions, including those concerning Brolin's look. Clearly he's not full in full makeup and gear here, but he definitely has some of Cable's characteristics. Cable's hair is perfectly in place and he's displaying some scars on his forehead, but he otherwise doesn't have the weathered look of the character (including his glowing left eye, which might not indicate anything since that visual effect wouldn't normally be added until post-production). It could simply be because hadn't gone into makeup yet, or, as indicated by a previous set photo, perhaps he's filming scenes of a younger Cable to help establish the character's backstory.

Also sure to pique fans' interest is the set visit by Slash. Was he merely stopping by to say hello to old friends (it's completely within reason for famous friends of the actor to have access to the set), or could Slash be there to film a cameo as himself? Famous people have been known to cameo in movies now and again, so don't be surprised if he shows up briefly in the Merc with a Mouth's second big screen action adventure when it opens in theaters in June of 2018.

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