Josh Brolin Bulking Up in Deadpool 2 Training Video

Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

Josh Brolin is getting seriously jacked for his upcoming role as Cable in Deadpool 2 in a new video. Brolin recently landed the coveted role of Nathan Summers/Cable in the Deadpool sequel, becoming the first actor to bring the popular X-Men and X-Force character to life on the big screen. Deadpool's Stefan Kapicic described Brolin as the "perfect" choice for Cable.

Deadpool 2's casting of Brolin has been the subject of controversy since it was announced. He's already portrayed Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy and will reprise the role in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 as part of the separate Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, it's becoming clearer that Brolin is taking the role of Cable very seriously. The actor will need to add some bulk in order to do justice to Cable's typically musclebound appearance, and it appears that he's doing just that.

A new video from the weekend shows Brolin in the middle of an intense workout as he gets ready for Deadpool 2. Brolin posted the new video to his Instagram page on Sunday, pumping what looks to be some serious iron with a trainer. In the caption, he references Thanos and Deadpool - and even calls out The Hulk. Check out the video below:

Sit inside the muscle, grow it, Imagine it germinating into its conclusive state. Then turn around and kick the fucker who keeps trying to hold your shoulders down. @justindlovato @stephjlovato #GROW #thanos #thehulkaintshit @iambuilt @xptlife #deadpool#aintnobird #keepthemguessing :knife:Video by @kathrynbrolin

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The video follows a photo from Brolin in another workout earlier this month, showing off his impressive biceps. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld also recently posted some art of what Brolin could look like as Cable. The actor has already begun filming his scenes for Infinity War and Avengers 4, and was spotted at rehearsals as far back as September.

This video will no doubt excite fans of both Cable and Brolin as he works to get bigger and look as convincing as possible in the role. It's important for Brolin to bulk up if he wants to lead the X-Force movie as Cable, which could be set up in a Deadpool 2 post-credits scene. It's up for debate whether Brolin was the right choice for Cable, but the veteran actor certainly has a good chance to prove himself.

Although Deadpool 2 is not in the same cinematic universe as the Avengers sequels, it's still going to be tricky for Brolin to be memorable as two distinctly different characters that are inevitably under the same Marvel umbrella. It's also a wonder how and if Deadpool 2 will reference Thanos at all, even for just a quick one-liner. But either way, Brolin is clearly doing his best to make sure he's in the best possible shape once his performance as Cable begins.

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