Deadpool 2: Josh Brolin Teases Start of Filming as Cable

Josh Brolin and Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

Josh Brolin is teasing the start of filming for him on Deadpool 2, with the final transformation photo of him becoming Cable. After a long casting period that saw many names thrown into the Cable mix, it was ultimately Brolin who came out on top. The MCU's Thanos is doubling-down on comic book movie roles by trading in a desire for Infinity Stones, for some mutant powers and undeniable friction between him and the Merc with a Mouth.

Ryan Reynolds has begun filming his scenes for Deadpool 2, with the first wave of leaked set photos show Deadpool crashing a birthday party and investigating a crime scene. But, as fans are already familiar with how Reynolds looks as Deadpool, many are waiting to see Brolin in his full Cable attire. Well, that may be arriving, sooner than later.

Brolin took to Instagram to tease what appears to be the final stages of his Cable transformation, that once completed will allow him to start filming Deadpool 2. After a flurry of workout pictures and videos, only the makeup is standing in his way. And based on the caption, Brolin is itching for it to be done so his work can begin.

Insanity on the brink. Face is morphing into something machine, fierce, hair sliced, arm machined, bulged. Where is Deadpool?!? Looking. Looking. All I got are these two...molding me, prodding, turning me into something hard. @bcorso #mikesmithson #deadpool #ivebeencabled #cableswole @weprevail

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While the transformation photo has half of Brolin's face covered with a blue substance, that will not be close to Cable's final look. Either this is a late mold taking shape or this will serve as the basis for half of Cable's face. With filming underway, Brolin reportedly in Vancouver (where Deadpool 2 is filming), and him appearing to be in a makeup trailer, it is may be the latter. The men pictured with Brolin here may use their makeup talents to morph one side of his face to look more normal, but also make it possible for Cable's cybernetic eye to be added in post-production. If it is a mold, then Brolin's start on Deadpool 2 could be a few more days away.

Brolin continues to sport the traditional Cable hairstyle that he previously shared, and his caption indicates his bionic arm is hidden beneath the black cover up. If he is having makeup applied and is fitted with his arm currently, he could start filming Deadpool 2 today. But, if he's just saying this is the latest item to get checked off his pre-filming check list, then we may still have to wait for him to fully suit up. With so many eager to see Brolin in the full Cable costume, that could be the best chance of seeing him. If not, maybe Reynolds and his proactive social media account will share the official look soon.

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