Josh Brolin Says Deadpool 2's Action Is A 'Different Deal'

Deadpool 2’s action scenes are a “different deal”, declares Cable actor Josh Brolin. Special effects wizard Tim Miller shot the first Deadpool movie, but he chose to move on to Terminator 6 instead of sticking with the Ryan Reynolds-fronted comic book movie franchise. This opened the door for John Wick co-director David Leitch to step in and take the director’s chair.

Fans have been watching the film’s development closely, with set snaps of Brolin’s time-traveling Cable and Zazie Beetz’s luck-manipulating Domino rushing around the web on the regular. Everyone wants to know how Leitch’s film will differ from Miller’s, and these two new major players are bound to help it feel fresh. The rumored introductions of the Mutant Response Division and a gray X-Force Deadpool costume could well assist with that, too.

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And now comes the news that Leitch is bringing his action-oriented skill set to bear in this amusing antihero sequel, in a big way. Leitch has a stellar track record, covering Atomic Blonde and John Wick as a director, plus stunt work on 300, Fight Club and V For Vendetta.

In a new interview, Collider asked Brolin what Leitch is bringing, action-wise, to Deadpool 2. Brolin regaled an interesting anecdote in response, before praising his director:

“I had heard somewhere along the line, and I think it’s okay for me to say this, but I heard somewhere along the line that they felt the first Deadpool didn’t have enough action. [...] With this movie, it’s just a different deal. He embraces what he’s very good at, which I think is very smart. There’s ton of action in it. The tease is, a guy who’s 49 years old on the cusp of 50 who got in the best shape of his life, especially exteriorly, and I was extremely disciplined throughout that whole thing. I got beat to shit on that movie. That’s all I know. I had stuntmen throwing me all over the place.”

It is interesting to hear that someone at Fox wasn’t sure the first film had enough action. “I don’t know who said that or why they said that or even if I felt that”, Brolin made sure to note. But, regardless of who it was that felt that way, it sounds like Leitch took their ideas on board. Of course, this is exciting news for fans of Leitch's prior work. As they would have hoped, the director used his unique skill set to train up stuntmen, throw people around, and beat Josh Brolin “to s***”.

However, you could argue that this franchise isn’t one that needs epic, drawn-out action sequences. Miller’s Deadpool only a had a few fight scenes (including the memorable bridge showdown, which is spliced across the movie), and audiences loved it. Here’s hoping that Leitch can find the right balance between humor and high-octane action. Fans won’t want Deadpool’s unique comedic charm to be diluted into nonexistence by non-stop sparring scenes.

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Source: Collider

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