Deadpool 2 Casts Jack Kesy As Main Villain

The Strain star Jack Kesy has been cast a major villain opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2. Since the major announcement that Josh Brolin would be playing the coveted role of Cable in Deadpool 2 last month, news out of the production has been relatively quiet. True, fans have gotten various photos from Brolin, like one in make-up department getting a life cast done to another that shows the actor working out (as well as a training video); but as far as casting, the only news from the project since then is that Leslie Uggams is returning as Blind Al.

It has now been revealed, however, that Kesy will be joining Deadpool 2 as a major villain - though there is some question surrounding who, exactly, the actor will be playing in the sequel.

For now, sources are telling Deadline that Kesy will be playing a character named "Black Bob." Of course, Deadpool has a nemesis in the comics named "Black Tom" Cassidy, so in all likelihood, the production may be going with a slightly different name to throw people off. (The Wrap, for their part, is claiming that Kesy is indeed playing "Black Tom" Cassidy.) If Kesy indeed ends up playing Black Tom, the mutant has the power of bonding with and projecting energy through plant life. In addition, the Dublin-born Black Tom can create blasts with wooden objects.

Unlike the casting of Cable - which saw several high profile actors in the running like Brad Pitt and Michael Shannon, before Brolin nabbed the role - Fox appears to be going with a completely opposite approach in the casting of Black Bob (as he's known for the time-being, at least). Kesy has no doubt made an impact as the creeper Gabriel Bolivar/The Master on The Strain, but he still has yet to have a breakthrough role on film. Fans unfamiliar with Kesy who are planning to see Baywatch this weekend can get an peek at the actor, who plays a henchman sent out to carry out deadly deeds for the film's villain, Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra).

The good thing about Kesy coming in as a relative newcomer to movie audiences is that he'll likely have an easier time making the character his own, rather than matching up the expectations of a character like Cable that comes with a very familiar face like Brolin's. Kesy also has the benefit of bulking up his film resume in the interim with a role in the war drama Horse Soldiers (set for a January 2018 release), and the fact that three of his fellow cast members are superhero movie veterans (Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon and Michael Pena) certainly won't hurt.

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Source: Deadline, The Wrap

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