Deadpool & Colossus Get Intimate in Deadpool 2 International Trailer

Colossus gives whole new meaning to 'buns of steel' in the Deadpool 2 international trailer. While fans have had plenty of funny posters and teases to hold them over, the first Deadpool 2 trailer finally arrived today. Much of its time was spent spotlighting Josh Brolin as Cable, a character Marvel die-hards have been hoping to see on the big screen for a long time. But the first real glimpse of the movie also showed off plenty of action, comedy, and mutants.

Alongside Deadpool, we got our first look at Domino in action. Meanwhile, the trailer confirmed Terry Crews will be in Deadpool 2 as part of a new team the Merc with the Mouth will be leading. He'll likely be one of many comic book deep cuts in the film, providing plenty of meta humor fodder for Wade. We also saw the return of Negasonic Teenage Warhead with a whole new haircut, but her fellow X-Men Colossus was nowhere to be seen. Luckily, the international version of the trailer fixes that oversight.

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20th Century Fox released a Brazilian version of the Deadpool 2 trailer that unfortunately is nearly identical to the one that dropped this morning. The good news is that it features a key addition in the form of Colossus. In a quick shot following the reveal of Wade's team about to jump from a plane, we cut to the X-Men's mansion where Wade and Colossus embrace—before Deadpool grabs the metal mutant's butt.

The other fun thing about the scene in question is it confirms the Russian Colossus has some influence on the decor of the X-Mansion. On the stairwell, we can see a portrait of Karl Marx hanging up. Other than the scene, the only new moment in the trailer is Cable's insult at the end, meaning Wade's quip about lazy writing resulted in multiple variations on the scene. With all the ad-libbing that's said to occur on a Deadpool set, there's a safe bet a number of takes were left on the cutting room floor for each scene.

Despite the absence from the main trailer, Colossus should have a decent role in the film. The reveal of a Deadpool fan club yesterday added Colossus alongside the rest of the core cast, so hopefully the next look at the movie will feature more of the X-Men. Meanwhile, concept artist BossLogic decided to pay homage to another Marvel character with a new poster.

Inspired by yesterday's Deadpool 2/Flashdance poster, the image imagines how Spider-Man would fit into the franchise. The two characters currently star in a team-up comic, and the Disney/Fox deal could even bring them together in the future. For now, the poster is just wishful thinking. But Tom Holland seemed to enjoy it at least, as he retweeted the art. With Deadpool 2's marketing now in full swing, expect more from the film soon.

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Sources: 20th Century Fox (via We Got This Covered) and BossLogic

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