Deadpool 2 Image Offers Best Look Yet At Bedlam

The latest Deadpool 2 image offers the best look yet at X-Force member Jesse Aaronson aka. Bedlam (Terry Crews) in the film. X-Men comic book fans were quick to deduce that Crews is playing Bedlam in the sequel following his appearance in the second Deadpool 2 trailer. However, it was the final Deadpool 2 trailer that featured actual footage confirming the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star is playing the character in Fox's Marvel cinematic universe.

Jesse Aaronson was introduced to the world of comics in 1995's Factor X #1 and has been part of multiple mutant superhero teams since (X-Force and M.U.S.E. among them). Bedlam's powers include the ability to create bio-electromagnetic fields and he shares a history in the comics with fellow Deadpool movie franchise newcomer Domino (played by Zazie Beetz in Deadpool 2), as well as the X-Men's own Professor Charles Xavier. Bedlam's backstory is relatively complicated and involves him being experimented on in a psychiatric hospital as a teenager (after being orphaned as a child), so Deadpool 2 will presumably touch on it briefly, if at all.

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Black Film has now released a high-res Deadpool 2 photo that offers the best look yet at Crews as the Bedlam character (see the image below). Like the film's trailers, this screenshot doesn't establish much about the Deadpool 2 version of Bedlam, other than he looks like Crews and packs a mean punch. Like most of the rest of the X-Force (save for Domino), Bedlam's true super-powers are seemingly being saved for the actual movie, rather than "spoiled" ahead of time.

Crews proved his action star bonafides years ago with roles in movies like Get Smart, Gamer, and The Expendables trilogy, and has spent five seasons further refining his approach to blending action and comedy on the TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. For these reasons, it's long been less a matter of "if" and more a question of "when" Crews would join a superhero franchise on the big screen. Bedlam is a relatively significant supporting player in the world of X-Men comics, so the hope is that Crew will get an equally big role to play in the X-Men movies and not just be a one-off addition.

So far, only Deadpool himself (Ryan Reynolds), Domino and Cable (Josh Brolin) seem to be locks to appear in the X-Force movie that Drew Goddard is developing as the followup to Deadpool 2. There's no real guarantee that any other members of X-Force in the Deadpool sequel will return in Goddard's film either, given how many other mutants have been part of the team at some time or another in the comics by now. All the same, here's to hoping that at least a few supporting members of the crew in Deadpool 2 (like Bedlam and definitely Peter) make the cut in the next movie.

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Source: Black Film

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