Hugh Jackman Reviews Deadpool 2: It's 'A Work of Genius'

Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman offered his initial reaction to Deadpool 2, and it’s extremely positive. Twentieth Century Fox first launched their comic book superhero film universe in 2000 with X-Men, which introduced Jackman’s take on Wolverine. In the nearly two decades since, Jackman’s portrayal of the sideburn-sporting, Adamantium claw-wielding hero has become a fan-favorite. However, Jackman retired the claws last year with the release of Logan, the third solo Wolverine movie. At the film’s conclusion, Wolverine met his final end, also bringing Jackman’s tenure as the hero to a close.

Still, Fox’s X-Men franchise continues on and its next release will be Deadpool 2. The highly anticipated sequel to 2016’s Deadpool sees Ryan Reynolds return as the Merc with a Mouth for further R-rated adventures. Reynolds’ Wade Wilson has become another fan-favorite mutant and despite Jackman’s retirement, fans have held out hope that they’ll get to see these actors’ versions of Wolverine and Deadpool appear in a movie together. While that doesn’t seem to be in the cards - at least, as of now - Jackman and Reynolds remain friends. And as such, Jackman saw Reynolds’ latest film and offered his thoughts.

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On Instagram, Jackman posted a video of himself offering his initial reaction to Deadpool 2 after seeing the sequel. In addition to reluctantly praising Reynolds’ sequel, and vowing to delete the video shortly after posting, Jackman says, Deadpool 2 is a work of genius, it is epic.” In the caption of the video, Jackman reveals he’ll leave the video up solely because he’s wearing a T-shirt promoting his company, Laughing Man Coffee Company. For his part, Reynolds reposted the video on his own Instagram, adding the caption, “The internet is forever, Jackman!!!!” Take a look at Jackman’s video below.

Jackman’s praise for Deadpool 2 falls in line with overall sentiments for the movie following early fan screenings this week. Many lauded the sequel as better than the first Deadpool movie, and some have even compared it to Marvel Studios’ massive summer blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War - and in those cases, Deadpool 2 was the favorite of the two. They hype for Deadpool 2 is certainly at an all-time high and fans are no doubt eagerly awaiting its official theatrical release next Friday.

Still, not much is actually known about the plot of Deadpool 2. While the trailers have introduced Cable and Domino - two fan-favorite comic characters played by Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz, respectively - we’re not even sure who’s the main villain. With that said, though, Deadpool 2 is introducing X-Force to the X-Men universe, ahead of a spinoff X-Force movie. Between X-Force, Cable and Domino, not to mention the return of Wade Wilson, there’s plenty to look forward to in Deadpool 2.

Whether the sequel is as financially successful as its predecessor remains to be seen. In 2016, Deadpool became the highest grossing X-Men universe film, and broke a number of box office records besides. However, if the early buzz for Deadpool 2 translates into positive reviews and good word of mouth, it’s entirely possible the sequel could shatter even more records. We’ll see soon enough when Deadpool 2 hits theaters next week.

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Source: Hugh Jackman/Instagram

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