Does Deadpool 2 Set Photo Tease Gray X-Force Costume?

Ryan Reynolds shares a set photo acknowledging the wrap of the upcoming Deadpool 2, in which he may have inadvertently revealed an alternate costume.

Ryan Reynolds may have accidentally given fans a sneak peek at Wade Wilson's X-Force costume in Deadpool 2. After the record-breaking success of the first film, Deadpool is set to have an even bigger presence in the X-Men universe. With a sequel ready for theaters next year, the Merc with a Mouth will also co-star in X-Force alongside Cable (Josh Brolin) soon after, and finish out a self-titled film trilogy with Deadpool 3.

With the character now fully established thanks to the breakout hit, the sequel is set to do some serious world building by further fleshing out characters like Blind Al and Weasel, and introducing Domino and, of course, Cable. And if a new set photo is any indication, some of that world building may include an early introduction to X-Force.

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On the latest episode of Marvel Movie News, co-host Coy Jandreau observed a suspicious-looking costume in a the wrap photo shared by Reyolds. In one of the photos (which has since been deleted from Reynolds' Instagram account), the film's star is pictured with a crew member, but behind them is a full row of Deadpool costumes, two of which look markedly different from the rest. As pointed out by Jandreau, either these suits are incredibly dirty or they are the first indication the film will make use of Deadpool's gray X-Force costume. You can check out a screenshot of the photo in question, below:

While they certainly could be just a pair of dirt-encrusted costumes, the difference in color may be an indication of a surprise reveal in the film. Brolin recently stated that X-Force could begin filming as soon as 2018. If that is true and Deadpool 2 sets up the X-Force team in some way, then it would actually be surprising for the Merc with a Mouth's alternate costume not to make an appearance.

Should these suits actually be the character's gray X-Force suit, and should the sequel put them to use, chances are Wilson won't be wearing his new duds for very much of the film. The most likely scenario is a post-credits sequence where Wade shows off his new look that also serves as a proper introduction/tease for the upcoming spinoff/team-up film. Not only would showing off an alternate look for the character do wonders to hype fans for Drew Goddard's X-Force movie, but it would effectively establish a tradition of the Deadpool films setting up the next adventure via a button scene at the end of film.

Unfortunately, for those anticipating a different look for the antihero, confirmation on whether or not these gray suits are the real (or if they're just really dirty) likely won't happen until the film hits theaters next year.

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Source: Marvel Movie News

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