Deadpool 2 is Currently Filming X-Men Mansion Scenes [Updated]

[UPDATE: Ryan Reynolds has posted the first Deadpool 2 photo from the Canada shoot online!]


Deadpool 2 is reportedly filming some scenes in the iconic X-Men mansion. The sequel has recently started production in Canada earlier this month, with Ryan Reynolds returning as the merc-with-a-mouth mutant. The project is being directed by John Wick helmer, David Leitch following Tim Miller's exit, with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick back as the screenwriters.

Arguably one of the surprise hits of 2016, the original Deadpool film has knocked people off of their feet with its unfiltered humor and impressive action set pieces - not to mention Reynolds' on-point portrayal of the superhero. This has resulted in greater expectations for its sequel to deliver. While we know that the budding franchise is somehow connected to the bigger Fox Marvel Universe (FMU), no mutants from the famed group have been spotted in the first movie except for a CGI-ed Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand). This could be chalked up for the limited budget the project had. Fortunately, Reynolds was able to fill this loophole with his funny quips and mentions of the other superheroes existing in his shared universe - poking fun at the lack of screen time from other X-Men. But it seems that now, the sequel is finally diving into the world of X-Men giving fans some new Easter eggs that would further solidify Deadpool's tie-ins to the rest of the FMU.

A report from CBR suggests that Reynolds and the rest of the cast and crew of Deadpool 2 are currently filming scenes in at Hatley Castle in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The castle has been used as a stand-in for the X-Mansion in past X-Men films, including  X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand and even for the original Deadpool movie. Although the X-Mansion played but a small role in the first Deadpool movie, it appears that the sequel is filming scenes both outside and inside Hayley Castle - suggesting the setting will be featured more prominently in general, during Deadpool 2.

Deadpool Colossus

The report from CBR also mentions that a yellow cab, similar to Dopinder's (Karan Soni) in Deadpool, has been spotted on the Deadpool 2 set at Hatley Castle. It had already been confirmed that Dpoinder the taxi driver will return in Deadpool 2, so it will be interesting to find out how his relationship with Wade Wilson has evolved/changed since the first time they met.

As of now,  not much is known as regards to the storyline for Deadpool 2. However, the new character additions in the sequel certainly offers some clues, on that front. In addition to the returning players from the first movie, the Deadpool 2 acting roster includes Josh Brolin as Nathan Summers aka. Cable, as well as Zazie Beets as Domino, Jack Kesy as the film's main antagonist and Shiori Kutsuna in a yet-to-be disclosed key role. On top of that, some leaked Deadpool 2 audition tapes have alluded to the possibility of another as-yet unconfirmed mutant player appearing in the sequel.

Source: CBR

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