Deadpool 2 Fan Poster Offers Nod to Ryan Reynolds' Buried

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Deadpool offered plenty of great qualities that made it one of the most entertaining Marvel Comics adaptations in recent memory. It had some of the best action of any X-Men film yet, as well as the sharpest sense of humor. But above all else, it proved that star Ryan Reynolds can carry a comic book movie after a string of disappointments for him in that genre (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Green Lantern, R.I.P.D.). Reynolds is poised to help continue the movie’s massive success with more action and humor in Deadpool 2.

Despite Deadpool representing something of a breakthrough for Reynolds as an action star, it was not the first time that he surprised people. He showed impressive intensity and range in 2010’s Buried, a taut psychological thriller about a truck driver who suddenly wakes up buried alive in a wooden coffin. He spends nearly the entire run time of the movie stuck inside, plotting his escape.

Buried was surprisingly popular for a simple, low-budget thriller - and a fan of that movie and Deadpool decided to give a nod to Reynolds’ performances with a new piece of art. A fan poster for Deadpool 2 was posted to Reddit on Thursday, depicting the titular superhero trapped in a coffin six feet underground. The poster joins a fan-made trailer as content made by fans specifically for Deadpool. The legs of what appear to be Deadpool 2 villain Cable, who may or may not be played by Pierce Brosnan, stands over the “grave” as Deadpool keeps himself busy with smartphones and junk food.

Deadpool 2 fan poster

Another interesting detail in the poster is the Green Lantern DVD sitting in the dirt above the coffin. Reynolds’ turn in that movie was as forgettable as its action, script, and effects, which makes it a strong statement to bury that movie along with any other letdowns in Reynolds’ career. Much like the affable antihero that made the movie as fun as it is, Deadpool looks utterly unconcerned about being buried alive as he sits comfortably in the coffin.

It’s fitting that a poster for Deadpool 2 would give a nod to one of Reynolds’ more notable acting turns, while putting another to rest. Buried ratcheted up the suspense due to Rodrigo Cortés’ direction, but Reynolds’ performance certainly stands as one of the most impressive of his career. Now that he’s proven he can be compelling as a famous superhero, it’s understandable that any fan of his would want to keep his prior disappointments as far underground as possible.

The Green Lantern DVD in the fan poster will no doubt satisfy fans who were disappointed in that movie yet pleasantly surprised by the quality of both Deadpool and Buried. Still, it could also conjure up some negative memories of Reynolds’ letdown in his starring role as the iconic D.C. superhero, and perhaps some concern about the Deadpool sequel living up to the original. The actor's commitment to the Merc With a Mouth paid off for one movie, so for now there’s little reason to doubt that Deadpool 2 can keep the fun going.

Deadpool 2 is tentatively expected to reach theaters in 2018.

Source: Reddit

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