Deadpool 2 Gets Awesome Fan-Made Official IMAX Posters

Fox releases a slew of fan-made posters for Deadpool 2 commissioned to become the sequel's special IMAX one-sheets.

With Avengers: Infinity War now officially out, Deadpool 2's marketing is kicking into high gear with only two weeks left before its theatrical debut. Specific plot details about the movie are still under wraps, but if anything, the trailers have hinted that the forthcoming film still encapsulates the raw humor and crass behavior of the Merc With A Mouth, just with some brand new allies, and another foe to battle. Despite a new director coming in with David Leitch, original writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese were still the team behind the film's story alongside Ryan Reynolds, who also gets a co-writing credit in this one.

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In a collaboration among 20th Century Fox, IMAX and DeviantArt launched the first ever DeviantArt invite-only contest where participants were asked to put their own twist on the superhero via posters. In the end, there are three standouts that have been chosen to be presented as official IMAX posters. 1st place winner, Andy Fairhurst, whose work you can see below, will not only be printed, it'll also be displayed in select IMAX theatre lobby cases in both the US and Canada. The one-sheet captures the fun vibe of the film, with a special appearance by the now iconic Dopinder yellow cab. 

Coming in at second place is John Gallagher's creation which encapsulates the controlled chaos that the budding Deadpool franchise is going for. The mini-versions of this poster will be given away to fans who watch the sequel on opening night (May 17) in select IMAX theatres, but it will be in limited quantity only. 

Third place winner is Patrick Brown, whose work looks similar to the first official IMAX one-sheet for Deadpool 2 released last month especially with the incorporation of Wade's favorite unicorn. The poster also has some other fun details like a floating chimichanga, a portable cassette player  and a play on the "Sexiest Man Alive" jab on the first movie, just this time, it's "Ugliest Man Alive" with Wade on the cover. Regal Cinema (select branches) patrons will specifically receive the illustration starting May 18 as an exclusive collectible ticket and until supplies last. It also comes with a free promo code to redeem for a mini poster in the Crown Club Rewards Center.

Jarreau Wimberly (honorable mention) and Alice X. Zhang's works (both below) were also featured, while the former's work sees Deadpool in the middle of an action sequence with chimichangas flying everywhere, the latter's illustration is a more simple take on the character. But unlike the aforementioned one-sheets, it takes a different artistic style looking like an acrylic painting. For those who want to see more of the two's work, people can find them at and respectively.


The Fox Marvel sub-franchise is known for their viral marketing campaign, and it's great to see that they're not only continuing that on Deadpool 2, they're also finding new ways to keep it engaging, and what better way to do it that than to give fans the ability to participate in the promotional activities for the sequel. And to be fair, all one-sheets look stunning.

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Source: 20th Century Fox

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