Deadpool 2: 21 Crazy Facts About Peter

As with the first film, Deadpool 2 has already captivated audiences across America with its ridiculously random sense of humor and R-rated shenanigans; the film opened to a massive $350 Million globally and shows little sign of stopping as Solo looks to challenge the film for box office dominance. Although the first Deadpool movie was made on a fairly low budget and sent off to February (not exactly blockbuster season) to sputter out, FOX has learned its lesson - Deadpool 2 is bigger, better, and more action-heavy than the first flick! The result? A movie that brings a ton of new characters to the X-Men lore as well as packs a million laughs a minute into its 2-hour runtime!

Everybody figured that characters like Cable and Domino were going to be standouts of Deadpool 2, but there was one person who came completely out of left field and stole the show... and his name was Peter. Just Peter. He had no powers of any sort, but saw the ad Wade and Weasel put in the paper looking for people to join their X-Force team. Of course, Peter meets the same gruesome fate as his teammates in the end (though some time-travel hijinks seemed to solve that problem!). Even if he only got a few minutes of screen time, audiences have completely fallen in love with the middle-aged average Joe of the X-Force. Here are 21 Crazy Facts About Peter!

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Peter Deadpool Beekeeper
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21 Peter is an Experienced Beekeeper

Peter Deadpool Beekeeper

Counterpoint to our previous argument is the picture above. Not much information is given away about Peter in the Merc with the Mouth's second outing, but the marketing team for the film made sure to drum up our interest in the character with a somewhat intricate backstory that was promoted via the character's social media accounts! In Deadpool 2 we are told that Peter doesn't have any special powers or skills, but rather is just interested in trying new things (and seemingly needs a job!). He seems like such a down-to-Earth guy with some down-to-Earth hobbies.

Yet, Peter is a diehard apiarist. In layman's terms, he likes to keep bees and collect their honey. Pete's Twitter page is splashed with pictures of him in his beekeeping outfit, as well as filled with tips on how to best care for your hives. Who knew that bees liked a little bit of smoke? This actually gives a little more meaning to the scene in which Deadpool calls the lovable guy "Sugar Bear;" it sounds like just a cute nickname for a sweet person, but maybe this name was chosen by Wilson intentionally based on Peter's habits? Or it's just a random coincidence. Either way, it's not surprising to see the man in this role.

20 His wife and her personal trainer are a little too close…

Part of what makes Peter such a loveable character is the fact that he’s just your standard everyman. He seemingly doesn’t have any superpowers yet signs up with the X-Force because he wants to try new things that’ll take him out of his comfort zone and needs a job to support his family as well as his beekeeping hobby. The fact that he’s willing to become part of an elite military task force where his peers can spit acid, control electric waves, and control their luck shows just how far he’s willing to go for his wife, Susan.

Besides, how else is he going to keep paying for his wife’s all-day sessions with her personal trainer? Susan W. and her trainer, Gus spend a lot of time together. Peter raves to anyone who asks about how awesome Gus is as a person and how much stress he relieves from Susan’s life. The three of the are all great pals - there’s also a picture on one of Peter’s blogs with Pete, his wife, and Gus all posing together.

Susan and Gus seem to have just gotten out of one of their workout sessions; both are in swimsuits, after all. You can tell how close Susan and her trainer are because he stands in the middle of the picture, with Mrs. W’s head laying on his shoulder. Wait a minute…

19 He absolutely hates Swans

Although he may be a new fan-favorite to moviegoers, Peter is anything but your traditional hero. Even though he decided to try something new and join up with the super-duper supersquad, he is kind of a wimp. This is especially evident during the plane jump scene- Peter at first voices his concerns about the high winds in the atmosphere making him nervous. Then, he literally has to be pushed off of the ramp by Wade Wilson because he is taking his sweet time jumping out himself. Throughout it all, Peter tries to put on an air of confidence through his grimace of terror.

When it comes to swans? No way! Peter is often on Twitter talking about how much he hates swans. He posts a new swan-attack video every now and then, and constantly makes jokes about the fowl on his social media (like when he said he wouldn’t wish torment on any animal, “even a swan!”). It is unclear where this hatred for water fowl comes from. He doesn’t specify if the swan attack videos posted to his Twitter are of him or just random, but they are mostly shot in a way in which you don’t see the cameraman’s face…

18 He is a Blogger

Peter is obviously looking for a little bit of extra income during the events of Deadpool 2, which begs the question: what does he do for money in his everyday life? According to his LinkedIn account, Peter works as a regional sales manager at a cutlery company. Of course, we all know that most of these cutlery companies really just end up being a pyramid scam in disguise, which could explain why the character needs a little extra cash on the side! Between balancing his work life, his life with X-Force, his relationship with his wife, and his beekeeping hobby, you'd think Peter would already be busy enough.

Even with as busy of a life as he likes to live, Peter still finds time to write blogs for his LinkedIn page.

The first one deals with getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new options in life. In his second blog, Peter writes about how one can have a great work/life balance and also unintentionally implies that his wife is having an affair with her personal trainer. In his third and (assuringly) final post, Peter posts a picture of himself training for his big X-Force mission alongside some inspirational words about overcoming fear and anxiety.

17 Peter's favorite artist is Enya


What kind of music do you think Peter listens to? “Don’t Call It a Comeback” might have been blaring in the background when the X-Force was getting pumped up for their big first mission, but all it takes is one look at Peter to realize that that kind of thing isn’t his style. The writers always wanted to give off a “midwestern dad” vibe with the character, which means he probably listens to country or classic rock, right? Or maybe even the aptly-named “dad rock?”

Surprisingly, Peter has gone on the record (via his Twitter) claiming that his favorite artist is Enya. If you are not familiar with this artist (and shame on you if you’re not!), she’s an Irish-born singer who likes to belt out tunes in her native language, accompanied by New Age style background music. She is distinct in the fact that she has sang songs in over seven different languages. Though she hasn’t had any billboard top 20 hits, she is known for her songs like “Only Time” and “Orinoco Flow.” Perhaps her most famous song over here in the states is her song included in hit movie The Fellowship of the Ring. Is it obscure? Yep. Is it classic Peter? Also apparently yes!

16 A lot of his scenes were improvised

Deadpool with Peter

There’s no doubt that Deadpool 2 is loaded with comedic talent. Alongside the returning cast of Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller, the film added multiple new “straight mans” for the Merc with a Mouth to play off of like Cable and Domino, as well as a ton of new wacky and fun characters like Yukio, Shatterstar, and (of course) Peter. The actor who plays Deadpool’s Sugar Bear (Rob Delaney) is a popular comedian and an established sitcom star, so it’s only natural that his addition to the franchise was going to dial up the hilarity levels to eleven.

Surprisingly, most of the lines given to Peter in the film were improvised by Delaney himself. Perhaps this shouldn’t be too surprising, as the character is essentially a throwaway hero who is just there to be part of a punchline. We can only imagine how hilarious it must have been to be on set while funny people like Ryan Reynolds, Rob Delaney, T.J. Miller, Terry Crews, and the rest of the X-Force cast played off of each other. Reynolds was allegedly a huge fan of the actor’s work on set and tried to get the character more central in the movie’s marketing campaign.

15 He May or May Not be Peter Wisdom from the comics

Pete Wisdom

In the earlier trailers for Deadpool 2, we were introduced to Peter in the form of a simple headshot with no other background information. Fans quickly began to speculate who this character was: was Peter short for Colossus' real name, Piotr Rasputin? Was this one of the many "Peters" that existed within the larger Marvel Universe? The final trailer for the film gave us the closure we needed. Peter wasn't any of the above! Nope, he was just a guy who showed up because he saw the ad and was interested in the job!

But that doesn't mean fans can't keep speculating! One popular theory is that the Peter that showed up in Deadpool 2 is popular X-Force baddie Pete Wisdom. In the comics, Wisdom was a secret agent who worked for the British organization Black Air and was often a thorn in the side of many mutants in the X-Men universe. Further adding fuel to the fire is the fact that all of Peter's social media accounts have him as "Peter W." Also, who was he the only member of the team (other than Domino) to successfully land his parachute without training? Wouldn't the "gee-wilikers," down-to-Earth personality of the character be a perfect front for a covert agent? We may not know until the X-Force film or Deadpool 3 is released, but we could be seeing some much bigger things for the character in the future...

14 He fought the Hulk and Iron Man

Ultimate Hulk Infinity Gauntlet

The Hulk is arguably the strongest superhero in all of comics. Up until Thanos came around, nobody could even put up a fight against the green giant; Marvel and DC fans often argue if even the Man of Steel himself would be able to defeat the Hulk in a one-on-one fight!

Even those who are able to injure or capture the hero do little but delay the inevitable. The angrier the Hulk gets, the stronger he gets. And the stronger he gets, the bigger the beatdown he inflicts on his enemies.

That's why it’s crazy to think that in the Ultimate Universe, Peter actually took on the Incredible Hulk. In fact, in this universe, Peter Wisdom is an ex-British Intelligence Agent who becomes the Ultimate version of The Leader when he uses himself as a test subject for his own unauthorized experiments. While Bruce Banner and Tony Stark try to use Stark’s nanotechnology to cure the Hulk problem, Peter swoops in and tries to steal it for his own means.

After a brief battle with Iron Man, Banner Hulks out and beats Wisdom within an inch of his life.

As a last ditch effort to bring down the behemoth, Peter calls down an airstrike on his location, ending his life but doing little damage to the beast.

13 He faced Dracula


In the world of Marvel comics, anything can happen. Seriously, there was once an issue of the comics in which the Avengers had to fight Santa Claus, to whom they had lent the Infinity Gauntlet so that he could deliver his toys on time.

One of the go-to fictional characters that comic books writers like to put their heroes up against is the Prince of Darkness himself, Count Dracula. Why not? He’s a villain that’s been around for over one-hundred years and has a bunch of cool powers that put any protagonist’s back against the wall.

Now, nothing has been confirmed about Peter W.’s true identity in Deadpool 2. However, there is enough “wink wink, nudge nudge” by the marketing team in regards to his identity to think that he is the X-verse’s interpretation of Peter Wisdom, the British superspy with the mutant power of solar fingers.

In the comics, Dracula himself became a problem for the world when he assembled an army of vampires on the moon and launched an assault on the United Kingdom.

This brought Wisdom and Dracula into direct conflict, with the secret agent setting up fellow Brit Spitfire as a double agent. With her help, he was able to bring down the villain’s minions once and for all.

12 He had a brief relationship with Kitty Pryde

Say what you will about Peter, but he’s nothing if not a team player! The character was quick to jump into the world of superhero-dom when he took up Wade and Weasel’s ad in the newspaper; suddenly, he was leaping out of a helicopter wearing a parachute to help bring down a cybernetic assassin from the future with a gun that can literally dial it up to eleven! Behind the scenes, Peter was sure to fill his social media accounts with pictures of himself hanging out with his newfound friends during their training process.

In the pages of the Marvel comics, Peter has teamed up with multiple superpowered beings as part of his job at Black Air. Being a D-lister at best, Wisdom normally gets to share the page with such showstoppers as Union Jack, Spitfire, and Michelle Scicluna. However, because Wisdom appears so frequently in the X-Force and Excalibur books, it was only a matter of time before he came across one of the X-Men.

After quitting Black Air, Peter is asked to join Excalibur by Kitty Pryde; as a member of his new team, he falls for Shadowcat and the two have a brief fling. After getting fellow teammate Nightcrawler captured by a sadistic cult, Peter became so guilty that he isolated himself and pushed Kitty away.

11 Peter seems to be very sensitive

Peter is Sensitive

Nobody expects Peter to be a tough guy. That’s literally the entire joke of his existence in Deadpool 2. He grimaces whenever he hears about the gory details of Wade’s life or whenever Deadpool makes an R-rated joke in his presence. He also seemingly chickens out when it is time for him to perform his parajump out of the helicopter. However, somebody who has the courage to go so far out of their comfort zone as to join the X-Forc  and put their life on the line for money has to have some thick skin…right?

If Peter’s Twitter profile is anything to go by, he’s got skin about as thick as saran wrap.

Also, he’s as clueless as a toddler when it comes to anything that could possibly be taken with a double meaning or in the wrong way. Peter is constantly blocking anyone on Twitter who says anything even remotely suggestive, claiming that he doesn’t like profanity or that his wife wouldn’t be happy with somebody talking to him like that. Even things as innocent as a word that is spelled funny gets a ruse out of the character, who thinks he is being slandered by random internet users.

10 He's totally going to be in the sequel

Peter Deadpool 2

It really shouldn’t have been a surprise that Peter has gained such a following from Deadpool fans. He’s a dude that has no powers yet takes on a job where the first mission is to track down and fight off a cybernetic assassin from the future. And he does it the whole time with a smile on his face and a can-do attitude (well, minus when Wade had to persuade him to jump out of the plane). You have to admire a man who’s willing to go that far out of his comfort zone. If that’s not “maximum effort,” we don’t know what is!

Of all the characters who perished in the side-splitting scene involving wind, billboards, electrical lines, woodchippers, and out of the blue busses, Deadpool makes it a point to go back in time with Cable’s newly-fixed time travel device and save his “sweet sugar bear.” No other member of the X-Force. Just Peter. The fact that the writers and director went out of their way to show that Peter is still alive (and to let us all know that the end credit scene was canon) means that there’s no way we’ve seen the last of him. With his popularity and the popular fan theories swirling around his identity, Peter will probably pop up again in X-Force or Deadpool 3.

9 Peter Attended Marvel's Metro College

Marvel Graduation

If you're not familiar with the name of this university in the Marvel Universe, we can't say we blame you. Most of the college-aged heroes from the company attend the fictional Empire State University; it's like, the public university of this universe! If Empire State University is the Columbia of Marvel, then Metro College has to be its equivalent of City University of New York. It's often mentioned in the comics but rarely seen. However, it does host a notable number of famous graduates: Jean Grey, Johnny Storm, Misty Knight, and Wyatt Wingfoot are all Metro Alums. You can also add Peter to the list!

On the character's official LinkedIn page (yes, that is a real thing!), it claims that Deadpool's new friend attended Metro University from 1994 to 1998 where he studied Security Analysis.

He also apparently performed a high-level team capstone project in which he stepped up as a natural leader. Peter also appears to be one smart cookie, as hundreds of people have endorsed his skills in customer needs assessment, sales, and problem solving. Who wouldn't want this guy watching your back as part of the X-Force? Now if they only could have given him lessons on woodchipper safety...

8 Peter was originally supposed to be played by the writers

Peter was literally written as a joke character; along with the rest of the X-Force, he was just supposed to show up in a scene or two before meeting a brutal yet still hilarious ending at the hands of the blustery winds (or in his case, a woodchipper!). However, when the writers of the movie noticed how much of a reaction they were getting out of audiences with his appearance in the trailers, alongside their pleasure with Rob Delaney’s performance, they gave the character more screen time than any other member of the X-Force save Deadpool and Domino! Not to mention, he’s the only member of the team Deadpool goes out of his way to save during the end credits.

Had the director and writers gone with their original plan, Peter would have been a throwaway joke that was quickly disposed of (literally) and never heard from again. They wrote the character as a simple everyman who was just looking for a job in this economy. The casting directors had intended for such a minor character to just be played as a cameo from Deadpool 2 writer Rhett Reese, but once they met Delaney they had other plans. Reese still ended up getting his cameo in the form of a man in a news helicopter and Delaney got to step up and play the character as we saw on screen.

7 Peter loves his Social Media

Peter Deadpool Twitter

You have to really hand it to the marketing department for Deadpool 2. Much like the first film, they were given next to free reign to do whatever they wanted to promote their R-rated superhero flick. The fact that Ryan Reynolds enjoys playing Deadpool as much as he does only added to the possibilities, as the promotions for this film saw the Merc with a Mouth appearing in Hugh Jackman’s hotel room on his birthday, co-starring in a Celine Deion music video, and taking over Stephen Colbert’s monologue on The Late Show.

Perhaps the Deadpool 2's marketing team's greatest accomplishment was the creation of Peter’s social media profiles.

Our beloved do-gooder has an active Twitter account as well as an active LinkedIn. Sure, it’s no surprise that the marketers would create a fake social media for one of their characters (Deadpool himself has one, after all), but the detail put into Peter’s accounts goes above and beyond. His LinkedIn profile would put even the most prolific businessman to shame and his Twitter profile is fully active with new posts and tips about life in general nearly every day. Peter even goes as far as to comment on random Twitter and LinkedIn users’ photos and blog posts, as well as having lots of original content of his own.

6 The director chose Delaney based purely on his headshot

Studios are always in a conundrum when they have to cast for a bit part. Do you give it to a big name actor and make your audience laugh, such as with Vanishing Man or Bedlam? Or do you make your bosses happy and cast some no-name actor to save a few bucks? After all, the character is only going to be on screen for a few minutes… Or, do you try and cast the auditioning actor who is the best fit for the character you are trying to put on screen?

With Peter, it was a little of column A with a little of column B. When the writers pitched the character of Peter, they claimed that they just wanted an Average Joe who would look like he was in need of some adventure and excitement in his life. They were having a somewhat difficult time casting the hero (even considering using one of the movie’s writers) before Ryan Reynolds showed everyone Rob Delaney’s headshot. Instantly, they knew that they had their Pete. One of the writers jokingly said that they picked the actor based off his “dad-like” and “middle manager-like” look, which was exactly what kind of persona they were trying to capture.

5 His actor (Rob Delaney) has a cult following

Sharon Horgan Rob Delaney and Carrie Fisher in Catastrophe Season 3

Unlike the rest of the X-Force characters in Deadpool 2, the actor playing Peter was a relative unknown. There was Terry Crews as Bedlam, Bill Skarsgard as Zeitgeist, and Brad Pitt as Vanisher. For the longest time after the first trailer for the movie came out, fans were trying their hardest to figure out who was under the mustache. Turns out, it was….Rob Delaney? As with Korath the Pursuer in Guardians of the Galaxy, audiences all over were left scratching their heads and asking “who?” Rob Delaney, man! You know…American stand up comic? Star of British sitcoms? No?

The name may not ring a bell to most of us here over in American, but Delaney definitely has a small cult following outside the States. The stand-up comedian turned sitcom star is the leading man in the hit British comedy Catastrophe, a story which follows the actor’s character as he travels to the UK, falls for a local Irish teacher, and then accidentally gets her pregnant. The show has become a cult hit in the United Kingdom and Delaney has attained cult status along with it. When Peter first reared his pretty little face in Deadpool 2, die-hard fans of Catastrophe were ecstatic.

4 Peter is possibly a member of Excalibur

Captain Britain with the Excalibur Mutant Team

The beauty of a character like Peter is that, because he was only on screen for a short period of time and was given little to no backstory, the sky is the limit with him moving forward! Perhaps he really is the X-Force villain Peter Wisdom. Maybe he will become a superhero all on his own and help Deadpool and company. Or maybe he was just a one-off character that is never to be seen again. Though that last one is unlikely, the writers could literally go in any direction with the character!

One of the implied ways they could go with Peter is to make him a part of the super-mutant team Excalibur. The character is already known to work at Excalibur Cutlery, after all. Let's put the pieces together here. He works for a company that shares a name with a lesser-known superhero team and he works in an industry that is notorious for being a front for other businesses. Then there's the fact that his name is Peter W.- Peter Wisdom was introduced in the pages of the Excalibur comic book and has a close association with the team. If Peter really does turn out to be Wisdom, it would only make sense that Excalibur was involved somehow.

3 He Probably Actually Does Have Powers

There’s about a zero percent chance that Peter isn’t going to appear in future Deadpool movies. Rob Delaney’s portrayal of the character left a lasting impression on audiences (even though he was on screen for a total of about five minutes) and the fan theories that are circulating about him being more than meets the eye lend to the idea that we haven’t seen the last of the Sugar Bear. One of the most popular is that Peter is really Pete Wisdom in disguise.

If this is the case, he was lying out his mustache to Wade and Weasel when he said he doesn’t have any powers.

Pete Wisdom has the ability to absorb any radiant and solar energy from his surroundings and then turn them into white-hot blades (or “knives” as he calls them) that sprout out of his fingers. Wisdom can then either throw the knives at his enemies or use them like Wolverine’s claws. The villain is also able to use the solar energy around him to slow his decent when dropping from heights (hmm…), and is one of Excalibur’s top agents of espionage. Don’t be surprised if we see Peter return in a more sinister role next time around!

2 His family is almost as interesting as he is!

Though he has quickly become a fan favorite character (seriously, some people are even considering cosplaying as the character at upcoming comic cons!), there isn’t that much to Peter in Deadpool 2. In fact, if it wasn’t for the clever campaigns of the movie’s marketing team, we’d all just think he was a one-off throwaway character that was put there to be the butt of Deadpool’s jokes! However, we did get a few tidbits of information about Peter; he’s an experienced beekeeper, he has a job at Excalibur knife company, and he has a beautiful wife named Susan (who may or may not be unfaithful with her trainer).

According to an exclusive interview with Peter on media website Birth.Movies.Death, Wade’s Sugar Bear isn’t the only member of the “W” family to have an interesting lifestyle! Pete claims that his father used to be a detective back in the day (information he uses to try to understand Cable’s anger issues).

This is a further nod to Peter’s identity as Peter Wisdom, whose father was employed by the Scotland Yard as an inspector.

Wisdom’s sister, Romany, is an occultist who worked for the British Department of Unusual Deaths (aka Dept. F.66) before becoming a villain in the pages of X-Force.

1 Deadpool 2's writers want a spin-off

Absolutely nobody expected Peter to become as big of a sensation as he has become. Though the character only has about five minutes of total screen time and a small handful of lines, audience everywhere fell in love with the character as soon as he showed his goofy smile in the final Deadpool 2 trailer. When the movie came out, they realized that Peter was even better than originally advertised and the goody two-shoes, “golly gee” demeanor of the character made him one of the film’s standout cameos. Not to mention, he was the only one to realize that the parachute winds were going to be a problem. Now, everybody is waiting with bated breath to see if Peter returns for X-Force or Deadpool 3.

Or…the Peter movie?? Deadpool 2 writers Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese, and Ryan Reynolds were all just as impressed with the lovable doofus as audiences were and on top of giving him an expanded role in the film, they are now rooting for the character to be given his own spin-off film. As impossible as it may seem, if the writers truly intend to have a payoff for any of the Easter Eggs littered throughout the character’s persona, Peter appearing as a main character in an X-Force or Excalibur movie might not be off the table…


So, what do you think of our list? Was Peter a standout character from Deadpool 2? Is he overhyped? Let us know in the comments!

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