Deadpool 2: Kerry Washington Responds to Domino Casting Rumors


One of the most highly anticipated comic book movies of next year is going to be Deadpool 2, the follow up to the smash hit that was 2016's Deadpool. The sequel to Deadpool will see Ryan Reynolds back in the spotlight as the Merc with a Mouth, alongside two new mutants from the X-Men universe: Cable and Domino. We don't currently have confirmation on the casting for these roles, but the rumor mill has been busy as usual, and the frontrunners are Pierce Brosnan as Cable, and Kerry Washington as Domino.

Now, Washington has responded to these rumors about her appearance in the next Deadpool movie, and sounds very enthusiastic about the part.

At the 2017 Writers Guild Awards this past weekend, the actress was asked by ExtraTV if the rumors were true, and if she would want to play Domino if the part were offered to her. She said:

I don't have anything to say about that! [The Deadpool 2 writers] know more than I do. Of course I would [want the part]! But you have to get the right person for whatever role.

Obviously, actors are unable to reveal anything about a part that they may have been offered before the studio says that it is OK - and in the past, some have even flat-out denied that they have been offered a role, even though they have actually accepted it. (For instance, Jason Momoa refused to admit that he had been cast as Aquaman until after the DCEU made the news public). The star of Scandal did appear very enthusiastic about the possibility, however.


Washington would definitely be an interesting choice for the character, and she already has experience in the world of superheroes. Washington voiced Princess Shuri in an animated Black Panther TV mini-series in 2010, and played Alicia Masters in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer in 2007, and in Fantastic Four in 2005. She's also been in her fair share of other action movies as well as TV dramas, and could be a phenomenal choice to round out the Deadpool 2 cast.

However, some comic book purists may not be happy about this casting choice. Although the rumors suggests that Fox is considering actresses of any racial background for the role, the Domino in the comics is originally white. As we already know from previous characters who have been race- or gender-bent in the film universe, there are always a few comic purists who do not want to see any changes in their favorite heroes. We think that Washington herself hits the nail on the head, however when she says you have to get the right person for the role.


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Source: ExtraTV

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