Deadpool 2: Every Reveal From The Director's Commentary

A Mel Gibson/Lethal Weapon Joke Was Cut

Another cut joke in Deadpool 2 was going to take a shot at Mel Gibson and the Lethal Weapon franchise. After the caravan crash, Deadpool is severely injured and forces him to reassemble himself. He snaps his neck back into place and originally would've said "Suck it, Mel Gibson," as a reference to Riggs popping his shoulder back into place in the Lethal Weapon franchise. Unfortunately, Reynolds said the joke was too deep of a cut for most to get, so they removed it.

The Asylum Fight Nearly Took Place At Night

The first Deadpool underwent a number of changes due to the budget, most notably Wade leaving the guns in Dopinder's taxi because they couldn't afford a massive shootout in the finale. For Deadpool 2, the budget once again changed the third act set piece, but in a smaller way. The Asylum fight was originally going to take place at night, but they adjusted it to dusk because of the budget. There were also concerns of the night setting making the scene too dark aesthetically, so this may have ultimately changed regardless of the budget.

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The Deadpool/Cable Team-Up Was A Late Addition

Reshoots happen on all major Hollywood movies, and Deadpool 2 is no different. The word out of test screenings was audiences wanted more Cable and Domino, and part of that may now be confirmed. Wernick revealed that the Deadpool and Cable team-up at the asylum wasn't originally in the script. This sequence was something Reynolds and Leitch decided to add later, but how late isn't clear. They do mention how Fox said they couldn't afford to film the sequence, so it sounds more like a reshoot than something they decided to add during pre-production. Either way, it was essential to tie together their relationship, which is why they did whatever it took to get it.

Yukio & Negasonic Weren't Always In The Third Act

Another possible addition made in reshoots was the extra dose of Yukio and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Reese says that neither of them were originally slated to appear in the third act of the film. It wasn't until later in the process that they realized they needed to pay off their story in some way, so they arrive at the perfect time to help defeat Juggernaut. Their late entrance, quick exit, and lack of overall scenes may point to this being another enhancement made by the reshoots.

Russell Originally Caused Deadpool's Power Dampener

One of the other changes that came in the third act was how the power dampener was put back on Deadpool. Reese revealed that the original plan was for Firefist to put it on Deadpool, but then Leitch suggested the change to make Deadpool put it on himself. This change appears to have come earlier on in the process and for the best according to the team. They found that this ending gave more emotional weight to the finale with Deadpool forcing Firefist's hand in a sense.

Ryan Reynolds Loved The Time-Travel Post-Credits Scene

Deadpool 2 Time Travel Explained

Deadpool 2 employed some of the most fun post-credits scenes that have been released so far. Using time travel as the basis for the codas was another idea that Leitch brought to the table. He originally brought the idea to the film as a way to save Vanessa, but then the team found the concept of changing time so fun that they kept adding additional usages. All of the codas were added during reshoots too. But surprisingly the Green Lantern one isn't Reynolds' favorite. No, that goes to him shooting the Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine as he said, "I tell you, nothing felt better than this." After all these years, one can only imagine.

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