Deadpool 2: Every Reveal From The Director's Commentary

What Josh Brolin's Cable Costume Reveals About Deadpool 2

Cable Didn't Always Have the Teddy Bear

During the marketing for Deadpool 2, it didn't take long for many to notice the teddy bear Cable (Josh Brolin) always had with him. The bear teased Hope Summers, a major mutant in the comics, but it wasn't always included in the film. The bear was originally going to be a bloody t-shirt, but Leitch pitched the idea of the bear early on. Wernick admits they initially scratched their heads but ultimately realized it was a "brilliant" idea for the film.

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Ryan Reynolds Actually Broke Cerebro

After Deadpool is done trying to kill himself, Colossus rescues him and takes him X-Mansion. While there, he sulks through his pain, exploring the various sections of the house. One of the last things he does before leaving on his first X-Men mission though is mess with Cerebro. When it comes time to leave, Wade accidentally breaks the headpiece to Professor X's apparatus. Reynolds revealed in the commentary that this wasn't scripted and he actually broke the prop on accident. Let's hope both versions of Charles Xavier don't find out.

Julian Dennison Was Only Choice For Firefist

The castings for Cable and Domino may be the most high profile additions for the sequel, but Deadpool 2's easiest casting decision actually came with Julian Dennison as Firefist. Following his breakout role in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Dennison was the only actor who read for the part. It was a decision Reynolds and Leitch made quickly after meeting Dennison, and the rest is history.

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Deadpool Really Loves Batman

Deadpool loves to crack jokes about his fellow X-Men or express his love for Wolverine, but DC also receives a fair amount of attention. Reynolds acknowledged how much attention DC movies and characters get, but also revealed which character Wade relates to the most. Due to the darkness that Batman has, Reynolds says Wade really loves Bruce Wayne's vigilante persona. That hasn't cut Batman (or his super friends) much slack so far, though.

One of the Writers Was The Backup Peter

Peter Deadpool 2

Through all of the new additions to Deadpool 2, the one that found the biggest following was Peter. The only non-powered addition to X-Force became a favorite character not only with fans, but also with Deadpool. He was brought to life by Rob Delaney in the movie (and brought back to life in the post-credits scene), but the filmmakers did have an alternate plan in place. If Delaney had turned down the part, Reese would have played the role. This decision was going to be made as Peter is partially based on the writer, including the sunscreen joke.

The X-Force Deaths Could Have Been Even More Hilarious

The marketing for Deadpool 2 made the film look like a true X-Force prequel, which is why the film's actual events surprised viewers. Every X-Force member died, except Zazie Beetz's Domino, during their skydiving sequence and made for several hilarious death scenes. However, this wasn't always going to be the way the X-Force members died. One of the earlier concepts had the team land in an active minefield. Due to their inability to explain why a minefield was in place, they changed the sequence and probably for the better.

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