Deadpool 2's Director Change: What's True & What's Just Rumor

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Just why did Tim Miller leave Deadpool 2? It's one of the abiding mysteries of Fox's X-Men franchise; the director was so very committed to the first Deadpool movie, and yet in October 2016 Miller quit the sequel amid rumors of "creative differences" with Ryan Reynolds. Miller's been fairly quiet about the reasons for his departure, preferring to focus instead on his upcoming Terminator relaunch.

In the absence of concrete information, the Internet has been flooded with rumors and speculation. Many of these rumors are actually fairly flimsy, with sparse evidence behind them, and they've been openly rejected by people who are in the know. The truth seems very difficult indeed to discern. Whatever the case may be, Miller's departure doesn't seem to have soured his relationship with Fox at all. In fact, he's even still working on the X-Men franchise, and is currently involved in Fox's Kitty Pryde movie.

With the Internet still a hotbed of speculation, we're going to sift through the rumors and identify fact from fiction. Let's explore just why Tim Miller left Deadpool 2.

The Rumored Reasons Tim Miller Left Deadpool

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The bulk of the rumors originate with different articles published in The Wrap. In The Wrap's first piece, Umberto Gonzalez reported that the success of Deadpool gave Ryan Reynolds an opportunity to renegotiate his contract. Along with a higher pay-check, Reynolds reportedly got casting approval and "other creative controls." If these reports are accurate - and they've never been denied - then Reynolds wanted a quite remarkable degree of influence over the film. Why did Reynolds believe he needed to have this kind of say in the sequel?

In one interview discussing Tim Miller's departure, Reynolds hinted at problems during post-production of Deadpool. "Making the movie was very, very difficult," Reynolds noted. "There were vaguely scary fights in the post-production process that escalated quickly. Luckily, everybody’s grown up and at the end of the day enjoys and loves each other." It's possible that this explains why Reynolds wanted more control over the sequel, believing there would be further conflict. If that's the case, he was probably right; The Hollywood Reporter disclosed insider accounts telling them of "creative differences between [Miller] and Ryan Reynolds."

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In a later report, The Wrap claimed that Miller and Reynolds disagreed passionately about the film's shape. "There were two totally different movies on the table," an insider told The Wrap, "and one of them just wasn’t Deadpool." Miller, it was claimed, wanted to pivot to a "more stylish take," essentially a standard superhero summer blockbuster, with a budget three times that of the first film. Reynolds, however, believed that character was key, and was keen to maintain Deadpool's style and tone.

Ultimately, the casting of Cable became the final straw for Miller. There had been reports from August 2016 that the Deadpool team was considering casting Kyle Chandler for the part, although most sources recommended they be taken with "a huge grain of salt." Although not a well-known actor, Chandler would have been a popular choice, and even topped our list of candidates who should play the character. The Wrap claimed that Miller was in favor of Chandler, but that Reynolds was opposed to that choice. With Reynolds effectively holding a veto, Miller realized he'd never be able to make the Deadpool sequel he wanted to make, and walked.

These rumors were published within days of Miller's departure, and essentially became the accepted narrative. But are they actually true?

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