Deadpool 2 Actor Says Colossus' Role 'Will Continue to Grow'

Deadpool Colossus

Stefan Kapicic promises that Colossus' role in Deadpool 2 will be even bigger than in the first film. And in more ways than one, 2016's Deadpool was a comic book film that fans had been waiting years to see on the big screen. Not only was it the hilarious, R-rated violent comedy film that fans knew the Merc with a Mouth needed in order to succeed in live-action form, but the film also did justice to a number of other characters from the X-Men comics who had either been totally ignored, or cast aside in small supporting roles.

Similar to Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson, fans had been waiting to see Colossus finally get more to do in a film. After all, his brief appearances in Bryan Singer's original X-Men films aside, the beloved mutant had never gotten the kind of spotlight many fans thought him deserving of. This only made Colossus' inclusion in Deadpool as a kindhearted, strong Russian member of the X-Men that much more satisfying to see.

During an interview with THR at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Colossus actor Stefan Kapicic revealed that the character's role "will continue to grow" in next year's Deadpool 2. While Kapcic was unable to reveal any new plot details about the sequel, the actor promised that it will answer many of the questions that fans have already begun to raise:

"I am a comic book fan. I would love if I could share, because it's incredible what's going on. When they [fans] find out what's happening in the sequel… That's the thing I can say … the sequel will answer many questions, which people are asking right now. Because all the questions I can see on the net are answered in the sequel."

Colossus' success in the first Deadpool wasn't just a product of the script's writing for the character either, or how Deadpool interacted with him, but how director Tim Miller brought the character to life visually. But with Tim Miller not returning as director on the sequel, and being replaced by John Wick and Atomic Blonde helmer David Leitch, some fans have wondered how the sequel might differ visually and tonally from its predecessor. But for his part, Kapicic says that his work with Leitch up until this point has been nothing short of extraordinary:

"The way he is working with me, how to bring more of Colossus is unbelievable. He just relaxes you and is so intelligent and is a visionary. Which you can see through his movies."

Right now, Deadpool 2 is shaping up to be one of the more popular comic book movies hitting theaters next year, with some mighty high expectations to live up to following the success of the first film. However, because Deadpool 2 set to introduce both Cable and Domino into the franchise too, along with featuring the return of Deadpool, Colossus, and several other characters from the first film, one of the biggest questions surrounding the sequel is how it will manage to give enough time to each of its beloved comic book characters. Fortunately, based on Kapicic's comments here, it sounds like fans don't have anything to worry about when it comes to Colossus' involvement in the film.

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Source: THR

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