Deadpool 2: Closer Look at Domino Confirms Key Character Detail

Marvel's Domino

Another image of Domino in Deadpool 2 has arrived, giving us a better look at Zazie Beetz's character. Even if Deadpool 2 merely brought back all of the characters from the first film to relive the magic, most fans would likely be thrilled. But not only will the new movie be funnier than the first one, it will also continue to expand its corner of the X-Men universe. Along with a number of smaller roles, comic anti-heroes Cable and Domino will both be joining the Merc with the Mouth for his latest adventure.

While we haven't yet seen how Josh Brolin will look as Cable, the actor has been showing off his physique. As for Beetz' take on Domino, today brought our first image of the extremely lucky mutant. Mirroring one of the most popular promotional images from the first Deadpool, the photo highlights Domino's movie costume as she reclines on a Deadpool-skin rug. Now, we have an even better look at the character.

Super Bro Movies revealed another image of Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2, giving us an even closer look at the character and her costume.

Another Look At Zazie Beetz's DOMINO in 'DEADPOOL 2'

— SuperBroMovies (@SuperBroMovies) July 31, 2017

The most striking thing about this new picture is that we get a better look at Domino's signature facial marking. Domino is traditionally shown with chalk white skin and a black mark covering her left eye. These traits have always appeared to be part of her mutation, but the new take on Domino is keeping things a bit more subtle and possibly grounded in reality.

Given the uneven borders of the marking around the eye, along with its color, it appears Domino may have a skin condition called vitiligo (something Michael Jackson famously dealt with). Given that this is a real-world example of a mutation, it's actually fitting that a more fantastical take on genetic anomalies might feature something based in reality.

Now, all that's left is to see how the film will display Domino's probability altering powers. We've heard from the Deadpool 2 director that he's having fun exploring Domino's abilities, so it will be interesting to see how they're realized on screen. In the meantime, we've been learning a lot more about the upcoming movie. It's been compared to Rush Hour in its buddy-cop tone, something that could go either way. We also know returning characters like Colossus will have an expanded role.

With Deadpool 2 arriving next year, hopefully we'll learn even more about the hotly-anticipated sequel soon.

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Source: Super Bro Movies

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